Final Fantasy 16’s plot is about the fight to control magical oil

Final Fantasy 16’s plot is about the fight to control magical oil

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Square Enix teased a smidgeon of accusation astir Final Fantasy 16’s crippled aft archetypal announcing the crippled successful 2021, but a caller Famitsu interrogation with manager Naoki Yoshida, translated by Aita Japan CEO and Twitter idiosyncratic Audrey, sheds a spot much airy connected what drives the radical of Valisthea to warfare successful the upcoming RPG. Each federation is built astir a Mother Crystal, a root of aether that Yoshida says is the Final Fantasy 16 equivalent of an lipid well. The continent is awash successful this magical oil, and eventually, countries formed astir each crystal.

War breaks retired erstwhile that proviso starts drying up, but it’s not your accustomed war.

A country’s proximity to the aether, the magnitude of it available, and however they take to usage it shaped the civilization of the processing nations and, much importantly, their views of the Dominants and the Eikons who dwell wrong them. Yoshida compares the Eikons and Dominants to atomic weapons. They assistance usher nationalist argumentation successful immoderate countries, earning places successful legislative bodies oregon adjacent taking enactment roles, though different countries exploit them arsenic tools of destruction.

Normally, utilizing Eikons successful conflict is forbidden, but erstwhile the warfare for aether breaks out, each federation seems beauteous blessed to place this rule.

The occupation is, The Grand Duchy of Rosaria, wherever Final Fantasy 16 protagonist Clive hails from, has 2 Eikons. One is Phoenix, the duchy’s accustomed Eikon successful the signifier of Clive’s younger member Joshua. That should beryllium the lone Eikon of occurrence allowed – but Ifrit evidently didn’t work the rulebook.

The conflict to harness these powers and however the struggle shapes the lives of the Dominants inextricably tied to the Eikons is the backbone of Final Fantasy 16, Yoshida says, and gives emergence to its themes of bonds and freely choosing one’s ain destiny. It besides means we get to control the monolithic summons directly.

Elsewhere, Yoshida said the extremity is releasing different Final Fantasy 16 trailer sometime aboriginal successful 2022 up of the game’s motorboat successful summertime 2023. If that seems similar acold excessively agelong to wait, Square Enix has plentifulness of Final Fantasy successful store for this year, including a Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 remaster.