Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Release date, trailers, gameplay, and more

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Release date, trailers, gameplay, and more

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We each knew Final Fantasy 7 Remake was conscionable the opening but had nary thought however agelong we would person to hold for the adjacent part, oregon adjacent however galore parts this incredibly ambitious task would extremity up spanning. Since fans person been begging Square Enix to remake what is rather perchance the astir fashionable and important JRPG of each clip for years, determination was evidently a batch of unit connected them to get it right. While determination was plentifulness of skepticism for the archetypal portion changing truthful overmuch astir the halfway formula, erstwhile we had it successful our hands, it became astir universally praised.

After Remake, there was adjacent to nary quality connected erstwhile Cloud and his ragtag team’s escapade would continue. That is, not until the 25th day of the archetypal PlayStation 1 game, erstwhile Square Enix dropped a ton of info connected america each astatine once. The biggest quality was evidently the authoritative uncover of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the 2nd portion successful what we present cognize to beryllium a trilogy of titles. After beating the archetypal part, you should cognize that your cognition of the archetypal rubric volition lone service you truthful good going forward, truthful here’s everything we cognize astir Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

Note: There volition beryllium spoilers passim for some Final Fantasy 7 Remake and the archetypal Final Fantasy 7.

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Release date

Cloud and Sephiroth walking toward a bridge.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth was revealed with conscionable a merchandise model for now. As of the clip of this writing, it is scheduled to travel retired “next winter,” meaning the wintertime of 2023 moving into aboriginal 2024. Considering Final Fantasy 16 is slated to merchandise sometime successful the summertime of adjacent year, we’d ideate Square Enix would privation to springiness a bully magnitude of abstraction betwixt these titles, truthful our stake is that it comes either precise precocious successful 2023 or, much likely, January oregon February of 2024.


Zack and Cloud approaching Midgar.

This is different absorbing facet of the full Final Fantasy 7 retelling trilogy. We each retrieve the archetypal part, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, being a PS4 exclusive astatine launch, past aboriginal getting a PS5 upgrade arsenic good arsenic a PC version. However, that crippled has inactive not yet travel to immoderate different platforms. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, astatine slightest arsenic acold arsenic the uncover trailer indicates, volition travel the aforesaid formula, though skipping the PS4. When it comes out, you tin lone play this crippled connected the PS5.

We fishy that, again, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth volition travel to PC wrong a twelvemonth of the PS5 version, if the aforesaid benignant of woody betwixt Sony and Square Enix exists for this crippled arsenic it had for the first. As acold arsenic Xbox players are concerned, portion we knew that Final Fantasy 7 Remake was lone a timed exclusive, the information that it still hasn’t shown up connected that level yet indicates that either the woody keeps the games exclusive to Sony consoles until the adjacent crippled successful the bid comes retired oregon adjacent perchance until the full trilogy is out. That’s axenic speculation, but is the lone happening that makes consciousness erstwhile it has been implicit 2 years without it coming to Xbox.


Our archetypal look astatine Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth was successful a speedy trailer that revealed the crippled during the Final Fantasy 7 25th day lawsuit successful 2022. It opens with Aerith stating that portion the past whitethorn beryllium acceptable successful stone, the aboriginal tin beryllium changed, adjacent if it has been “written.” This is intelligibly referencing the past crippled wherever notable changes to the communicative weren’t conscionable made but were really a crippled constituent that we’ll spell into a spot much later.

We get a changeable of the iconic meteor crashing into the satellite with the elemental question posed, “What volition go of the planet?” From determination we spot Cloud for the archetypal clip walking with Sephiroth toward a forested country arsenic helium states that “he wants to decorativeness what helium started — reclaim his birthright and regularisation implicit the satellite with Jenova astatine his side.” This country is astir surely from the flashback that occurs close aft Cloud and his squad permission Midgar and helium explains his past with the villain successful his hometown.

As the 2 proceed walking, we perceive much conversations, with Cloud astir apt talking astir however helium thought Tifa was already dormant aft Sephiroth went mad, burned down their hometown, and attempted to bargain Jenova from the reactor. Tifa stops him and asks what helium means and if helium thinks she’s an imposter. This is heavy foreshadowing the twist that Cloud’s memories of this lawsuit are not accurate, perfectly starring into the adjacent artifact of substance asking, “What is information and what is fiction?”

Next, we spot the alteration that could person the astir large implications for this caller timeline going forward: Zack. We spot Zack carrying Cloud toward Midgar alternatively of Cloud making his mode connected his ain aft Zack died to support him. Cloud says, “You were present with maine … 5 years ago. Where are you? What happened to you?” This raises galore questions astir erstwhile this enactment is delivered since the archetypal Cloud didn’t recognize helium and Zack were antithetic radical until after he fell into the lifestream overmuch aboriginal successful the game. Aerith stating, “I’m trying truthful hard to find you,” makes overmuch much consciousness since she ne'er knew Zack died astatine this constituent and the 2 were successful a narration earlier gathering Cloud. Zack’s lone line, which could precise good beryllium to either Cloud oregon Aerith, is, “Sorry … consciousness similar I failed you.” And past we chopped to the caller rubric of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

We don’t privation to spell excessively heavy into what happened successful Final Fantasy 7 Remake, especially not theories here, but determination are a fewer things worthy noting that volition beryllium important for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. First, the lone gameplay we spot is Cloud and Spehiroth seemingly connected their mode to the municipality oregon reactor successful the mountains of Nibelheim. This implies that the events of this flashback won’t alteration — not due to the fact that Sephiroth, oregon different force, can’t oregon won’t interfere with what occurred there, but due to the fact that this is Cloud’s incorrect recollection of those events. This communicative is told successful the archetypal metropolis you sojourn aft leaving Midgar, Kalm.

Zack is the different large subordinate to consider. His endurance could beryllium the biggest alteration to the communicative yet and earnestly interaction not lone the communicative but besides quality relationships. We are precise funny to spot what happened to him aft reaching Midgar and how, oregon why, helium was separated from Cloud and ne'er reunited with Aerith.

Of course, there’s the large question: Will Aerith past this clip around? This is intolerable to reply close present and could easy spell some ways, which is breathtaking successful its ain close to not cognize what’s coming. Since we cognize that this bid volition beryllium 3 parts agelong — based connected storytelling techniques, anyhow — the 2nd portion is typically wherever our heroes are astatine their lowest point, truthful portion it whitethorn not hap to the aforesaid person, oregon successful the aforesaid way, likelihood are that something will hap astatine the decision of this crippled that puts Cloud and the others astatine a debased point.

As acold arsenic wherever the communicative volition go, we tin lone conjecture based connected the archetypal game, but due to the fact that they person fundamentally breached escaped of the bounds of that game, who knows however overmuch things volition change. For fans of the original, that is possibly the astir important portion of this caller telling of events.


Cloud and Sephiroth looking implicit    a mountain.

OK, truthful portion we did spot gameplay successful the archetypal trailer, it was thing much than walking around. That leaves a batch of questions successful mind, the astir salient being astir however they volition grip the open-world aspect. Now that we’re retired of Midgar, things volition vastly unfastened up if the crippled is thing similar the original. In the original, moving astir the overworld was represented by a large exemplary of Cloud walking implicit the terrain, which wouldn’t stylistically acceptable with the hyper-realistic models and environments we person successful Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. This could beryllium fixed erstwhile you commencement traveling with vehicles, however, truthful possibly traveling aboriginal connected volition beryllium much truncated oregon automatic until you get your archetypal Chocobo to ride.

In presumption of combat, again, thing was shown, but based connected however well-received the caller enactment and turn-based hybrid strategy was successful Final Fantasy 7 Remake was, it would beryllium silly to deliberation they would determination distant from that. Obviously, they volition grow it, not lone with caller materia but besides with caller enactment members. Red XIII, for example, should yet beryllium a playable character, positive Yuffie, Cait Sith, and hopefully Cid and Vincent, too. Each 1 volition nary uncertainty person their ain systems. In that regard, we expect insignificant alterations astatine the halfway but much assortment via caller characters, equipment, and materia.

Outside of the main story, we’re a small funny arsenic to however overmuch broadside contented to expect. Final Fantasy 7 Remake added successful a ton of broadside quests and filled successful a ton of gaps to marque the Midgar conception past a afloat game, but present that we’re out, there’s already a batch of main plot, open-world areas, and dozens of ample locations to get done successful conscionable 2 titles that, if they enactment successful arsenic overmuch broadside contented arsenic the archetypal game, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth could easy balloon up to a 100-hours-plus game. While immoderate whitethorn emotion that, it mightiness not beryllium realistic.


Zack carrying Cloud toward Midgar.

Even though it technically hasn’t been stated, we consciousness assured successful assuming that Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, similar Remake before it and the OG rubric earlier that, volition beryllium single-player only. There are ways we could see immoderate unusual multiplayer-type things added present and there, similar leaderboards oregon games successful the Golden Saucer, but we are beauteous assured that Square Enix wants to support this a pure, single-player experience.


Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth was lone conscionable revealed and is inactive rather a ways off. Once the merchandise model of “winter” gets focused down into a date, we expect the pre-orders to commencement popping up. When they do, we’ll capable you successful connected each the editions and details you need.

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