First look at Meta’s Project Cambria VR headset leaves us underwhelmed

First look at Meta’s Project Cambria VR headset leaves us underwhelmed

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After months of promising that its Project Cambria headset would revolutionize the worlds of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has yet fixed america a archetypal look astatine what it tin do; and we’re a much than a small underwhelmed.

Following connected from the runaway occurrence that has been the Meta Quest 2 (formerly Oculus Quest 2) Meta’s adjacent headset has been acceptable up perfectly for a homerun. VR is much fashionable than ever and the Quest 2 leads the battalion with its standalone design, awesome capabilities, and room of unthinkable (and exclusive) VR games.

Project Cambria is acceptable to follow everything that made the Quest 2 large but volition instrumentality everything up a level with improved specs and features.

One specified upgrade is colour passthrough, a instrumentality that volition let Cambria wearers to spot the existent satellite astir them successful afloat colour alternatively than successful monochrome similar connected the Quest 2. 

This unimpressive sounding diagnostic volition really beryllium a monolithic betterment for Meta’s headset’s mixed world capabilities. But based connected Mark Zuckerberg’s demo you’d beryllium forgiven if that wasn’t the content you came distant with.

A not truthful next-gen presentation

In a post connected his Facebook page, Meta’s CEO gave america a narrated, minute-long look astatine his clip playing The World Beyond.

This mixed-reality crippled is built utilizing Meta’s caller Presence Platform (more connected that successful a minute) and features a cute alien/rabbit/fox hybrid happening arsenic your loyal companion (imagine a knock-off Stitch from Disney’s 2002 movie Lilo and Stitch).

The crippled itself looks fun, Zuckerberg throws a virtual shot astir for his companion to fetch, and helium gives the small critter a scratch connected the caput erstwhile helium does a bully job. It’s efficaciously an AR Tamagotchi.

But the demo’s presumption carries a middle-school video task vibe.

We get hardly 30 seconds of footage of Zuckerberg really playing the game, and adjacent little of what his position is. Adding insult to injury, the fewer clips we bash get from wrong the headset are a choppy messiness – showing that Cambria won’t marque galore improvements connected the Quest 2’s lackluster video signaling features.

This felt similar the benignant of footage you’d expect from a leak – thing changeable successful unreserved to debar being caught by the higher-ups – not an authoritative archetypal look.

Project Cambria has been hyped up arsenic the PS5 to the Quest 2’s PS4, but this demo makes it look much similar the PS4 Slim

Beyond the color, nary of The World Beyond looked similar it couldn't beryllium done connected the Quest 2 – possibly that’s wherefore a monochrome mentation is coming to the headset’s App Lab’s programme “soon” according to Zuckerberg.

Much similar its VR Foo Fighters concert, Meta needs to halt hampering its ain efforts. 

Presence Platform sounds truly cool. It’ll let developers to usage AI and instrumentality learning to make inventive mixed world experiences with manus and dependable interactions. But what we’ve seen truthful acold doesn’t look peculiarly revolutionary.

With the Project Cambria headset coming this twelvemonth there’s lone truthful agelong earlier Meta and Zuckerberg springiness america a due presumption to amusement america what its caller hardware looks similar and is susceptible of. But this demo has decidedly dampened our expectations.

It turns retired the ‘Meta killer’ we’ve been waiting for isn’t the PSVR 2 oregon the Valve Index 2, it’s Meta itself.