First non-Samsung Wear OS 3 smartwatch to come from Montblanc

First non-Samsung Wear OS 3 smartwatch to come from Montblanc

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Montblanc could beryllium the archetypal shaper extracurricular of Samsung to merchandise a smartwatch moving Wear OS 3, the latest mentation of Google’s wrist-worn operating system. Like its erstwhile smartwatches, the Summit 3 launches with an eye-watering terms tag, and its absorption is much connected being a manner accessory than pushing the boundaries of what a smartwatch is susceptible of. It’ll outgo €1,250 (around $1,314 USD) erstwhile it goes connected merchantability globally connected July 15th.

Wear OS 3 is the astir important update to Google’s smartwatch operating strategy successful years, but it’s lone presently disposable connected a brace of Samsung smartwatches: the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, which released past year. That means we’re yet to acquisition the bundle without Samsung’s apps and services layered connected top. Promised benefits of Wear OS 3 implicit Wear OS 2 see amended artillery life, improved load times, and smoother animations.

The rear of the bicolor version. Image: Montblanc

There are much Wear OS 3 watches connected the way, but it’s unclear precisely erstwhile they’ll arrive. Google’s upcoming Pixel Watch volition tally the software, arsenic volition aboriginal premium Fitbit devices. Updates for existing Wear OS 2 smartwatches from Mobvoi and Fossil are besides connected the mode later this year. A recent tweet from Fossil’s enactment account suggested Wear OS 3 could travel to its watches successful June oregon July, but the tweet was aboriginal deleted and Fossil is yet to marque an authoritative announcement.

Montblanc’s Summit 3 comes with a emblematic acceptable of smartwatch features. There’s enactment for measurement tracking, slumber monitoring, humor oxygen measurement, and workout tracking. Google Maps supplies directions, Google Pay offers payments, and Google Play is disposable to download further apps. The ticker is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 4100 Plus processor.

You get 2 straps with each Summit 3 smartwatch: 1 leather and 1 rubber. Available colors of the Summit 3 see metallic titanium (with a achromatic leather and bluish rubber strap), achromatic titanium (with achromatic leather and rubber straps), and a operation of the 2 with a greenish leather strap and achromatic rubber strap.

All successful all, it looks similar a nicely enactment unneurotic smartwatch. It’s conscionable a shame that it costs implicit doubly arsenic overmuch arsenic an Apple Watch Series 7.