Fortnite’s Reality Tree isn’t finished warping the Season 3 map yet

Fortnite’s Reality Tree isn’t finished warping the Season 3 map yet

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The Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 map has been a delight truthful far. Everything feels much dynamic than it has done successful a agelong clip acknowledgment to the chaos of the Reality Tree. It’s resulted successful classical Fortnite points of interest reappearing crossed the representation and could beryllium starring to a temple becoming a tower. The game’s ever been chaotic, but with Darth Vader appearing and each of these places changing, it truly feels arsenic though the representation is alive.

It’s besides led to Butter Barn shifting betwixt antithetic POIs each match, and according to leaks, it looks similar determination are 2 much areas the “Reality Bloom” effect volition alteration successful the adjacent future. According to Vengeful and Koooooomar connected Twitter, some Sleepy Sound and Condo Canyon are going to beryllium going done immoderate ch-ch-changes soon. 

HypeX helpfully summed it each up and said that the 2 areas volition power betwixt 4 antithetic POIs with Sleepy Sound fluctuating from “Tilted Town, Neo Tilted, Coliseum & Coral Castle,” and Condo Canyon changing it up with “Tilted Town, Lazy Links, Coliseum & Coral Castle.” We’re assuming that this is going to proceed for the foreseeable future, but we’re besides not definite however acold these changes volition reach. 

It could good beryllium that earlier the large play changeover, the full representation is successful a changeless authorities of disarray and change. It’s not wide conscionable what the Reality Tree is really doing – speech from messing up areas – but we’re assuming it’ll beryllium linked to the large atrocious of the season. 

In different little map-intensive news, Jonesy got enactment done the MetaHuman Creator and volition perfectly urge you an IPA.