brings pro-quality video editing to the home office brings pro-quality video editing to the home office

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(Image credit: has unveiled a raft of new features and updates for its distant video collaboration platform successful beforehand of NAB 2022

A caller Apple TV 4K app, which allows contented professionals to presumption their video clips successful up to 10-bit 4K HDR, volition drawback the eye. Especially aft implicit 100 nonrecreational editors precocious took Apple to task for its handling of video editing software Final Cut Pro. 

The caller app is intended to harness the Apple TV 4K surface to reproduce high-quality nonrecreational screenings extracurricular the workplace environment.

“Imagine being capable to presumption a color-correction league from your sofa oregon your office. Or being capable to really spot the details of shots that necessitate extended VFX,” wrote the firm.

From the camera to the cloud 

Cloud integration is besides astatine the apical of the docket for Back successful February 2021, the Adobe-owned steadfast announced Camera to Cloud, a work letting professionals securely transportation video from on-set to post-production suites. 

Now, it has revealed caller integration partnerships with Teradek, Atomos, Viviana Cloud, FDX FilmDataBox, and FilmLight. 

Building connected a committedness to enactment filmmakers astatine each level, volition besides present link with iPhone app FiLMiC Pro, easing the process of moving compartment telephone footage to a video editing tool.

Beefing up security

Fresh information measures person besides been introduced by the company. 

A caller integer rights absorption (DRM) instrumentality has been deployed to forestall unauthorized entree oregon sharing of videos and screen-grabs. Content volition beryllium encrypted connected upload, and viewing tin lone beryllium authorized done the website, iPhone oregon Apple TV app.

For admins, two-factor authentication (2FA) has yet arrived. Adding an other furniture of information to logins, 2FA tin beryllium switched connected account-wide, with colleagues utilizing SMS oregon authentication apps similar Authy, Google, Microsoft, Okta to verify their ID.’s latest announcements travel connected from the caller uncover of for Creative Cloud. Playing an progressively ample relation successful the Adobe ecosphere, the level present integrates with video effects instrumentality Adobe After Effects (and it’s disposable escaped to Creative Cloud subscribers).

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