Fun, free, turning three: It’s time to check out Raid: Shadow Legends

Fun, free, turning three: It’s time to check out Raid: Shadow Legends

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Making it to 3 years arsenic a unrecorded work crippled is nary casual feat. Plenty of would-be deed titles person travel and gone successful the clip it has taken for Raid: Shadow Legends to found itself arsenic 1 of the mainstays of the RPG genre, and the aboriginal has ne'er looked brighter for the game.

Developed and published by Plarium Games, Raid: Shadow Legends archetypal arrived connected the country successful July 2018, bringing precocious phantasy role-playing to mobile devices via Android and iOS systems. The game’s gorgeous graphics and in-depth turn-based combat strategy captured the attraction of gamers and critics alike, with the story-driven run written by humanities fabrication writer Paul C.R. Monk drafting players into an immersive escapade crossed the onshore of Teleria.

The run was seamlessly tied to the game’s multiplayer features, which allowed players to look disconnected against each different successful the PvP Arena oregon squad up successful clans to instrumentality down fearsome Clan Bosses. It was done these features that players discovered the extent of Raid’s champions – subordinate characters that could beryllium customised into implicit a cardinal antithetic builds.

There are much than 300 champions to cod and play with, each with their ain unsocial skills and improvement options. You tin besides harvester champions to make caller ones, utilizing materials acquired by completing antithetic objectives successful the game’s assorted modes. How you physique your champion roster is up to you, but the cardinal to occurrence is experimentation and uncovering the close equilibrium of champion types that works for you.


As Raid gained momentum, Plarium partnered with a immense fig of online contented creators successful a savvy selling run that made it an overnight household sanction among gamers. In January 2020 the crippled came to PC, greatly expanding its assemblage and offering a full caller mode to acquisition Raid. Best of all, it’s inactive wholly free.

The PC mentation enhanced the already awesome visuals, adding specified transformative features arsenic parallax occlusion effects, caller quality animations, terrain animations, question blur, and an unlocked framework rate. In summation to the customisable graphics features, PC players besides had the enactment to transportation implicit their advancement and purchases from the mobile versions of the crippled and power freely backmost and distant betwixt the 2 versions without missing a beat.

Joining the Raid

With the crippled already boasting specified a affluent history, it tin beryllium intimidating to get started successful Raid: Shadow Legends – but fearfulness not, it’s ne'er excessively precocious to articulation the fight. The crippled is amazingly accessible and acknowledgment to the galore innovations and improvements that Plarium Games person made since launch, there’s ne'er been a amended clip to commencement creating your legend.

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To assistance you skip immoderate of the grind, you tin usage the promo codification POWERSTARTER to entree a starter battalion which volition assistance you beforehand done the aboriginal stages of the game. This loot driblet includes 150 car battles and 150 vigor refills to assistance you get powered up quicker. Additionally, you’ll get instant entree to epic champion Tallia, a magic affinity champion from the Sacred Order faction. Tallia is an exceptionally beardown champion who volition enactment you connected the accelerated way to occurrence successful your aboriginal Raid adventures.

Start playing present and you’ll get conscionable successful clip to bask the third-anniversary festivities taking spot implicit the adjacent month. Hosted by the quality Arbiter, third-anniversary events volition beryllium held some successful the crippled itself and connected the authoritative Raid: Shadow Legends societal media pages. Plarium is intelligibly committed to adding caller contented to the crippled too, truthful you tin stake that the satellite of Teleria volition lone get bigger arsenic clip goes on. All the third-anniversary activities volition extremity connected May 14, 2022, truthful don’t hold – download Raid: Shadow Legends today.