Genshin Impact tier list: the best characters in the 2.6 update

Genshin Impact tier list: the best characters in the 2.6 update

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Looking for a Genshin Impact tier list? There are currently 49 Genshin Impact characters available, truthful there’s nary shortage of candidates for your imagination team. But with truthful galore antithetic weapon, elementals, talents, ascension bonuses, and constellations upgrades, uncovering your favourites tin beryllium challenging.

In truth, it is hard to find a genuinely atrocious Genshin Impact character. While basal stats and elemental abilities are important, the worth of a quality besides depends connected idiosyncratic playstyle, disposable weapons and artifacts, and squad composition. That being said, if your favourite quality is successful C tier oregon below, you whitethorn conflict to get past immoderate of the much challenging Spiral Abyss floors. Don’t interest excessively overmuch if your favourite quality is connected 1 of the little tiers; you tin inactive marque it enactment with our recommended Genshin Impact builds.

In general, being on a high tier means that the quality is the best Genshin Impact character successful their role, is not excessively hard to build, and performs good careless of teammates. Being connected a little tier means that determination are amended alternatives, oregon the quality needs a precise circumstantial physique oregon squad to shine. Just to note, the characters are not ranked wrong their ain tier, and with that retired of the way, let’s instrumentality a look astatine our ranking of characters successful our Genshin Impact tier list!

Genshin Impact tier list

Tier Character
SS Venti, Kazuha, Zhongli, Hu Tao, Raiden Shogun, Ganyu, Bennett, Eula
S Xiao, Albedo, Klee, Tartaglia, Diluc, Ayaka, Mona, Keqing, Kokomi, Itto
A Razor, Jean, Rosaria, Yanfei, Xiangling, Fischl, Barbara, Yoimiya, Thoma, Yae Miko
B Sucrose, Chongyun, Diona, Xinyan, Xingqiu, Sayu, Kujou Sara, Gorou, Yun Jin, Shenhe
C Noelle, Lisa, Kaeya, Traveler, Ningguang, Beidou, Qiqi, Aloy
D Amber

The SS tier Genshin Impact characters



Bow and Anemo quality Venti is arguably the champion elemental enactment successful the game. He tin usage his elemental accomplishment to motorboat his enemies oregon himself into the air, portion his elemental burst creates a monolithic Stormeye which draws successful each adjacent enemies. It besides absorbs Pyro, Electro, Hydro, and Cryo elements, which is past converted into 50% other harm output of that elemental type.


The archetypal Inazuma quality to articulation the game, Kazuha has impressed the Genshin Impact assemblage with his unthinkable versatility. Using the best Kazuha build, this Anemo Sword quality tin woody ample amounts of harm connected his own. If you tin enactment him into a squad creation that utilises elemental reactions, the magnitude of harm you tin physique up is genuinely staggering.


After the 1.3 update, Zhongli is yet worthy of his five-star rating. The buffs to some Geo abilities and the Geo elemental resonance person drastically accrued Zhongli’s harm output. Not lone is Zhongli susceptible of dealing harm connected par with S-tier characters, his Jade Shield quality is highly effective, allowing him to play successful a DPS and enactment hybrid role. Give our Genshin Impact Zhongli build a look to spot however overmuch amended helium is now.


This Polearm and Pyro quality tin battalion rather a punch erstwhile acceptable up with the close build. Fans expected different 5 prima Pyro quality to beryllium connected the aforesaid level arsenic Diluc, and portion Hu Tao whitethorn not beryllium capable to woody arsenic overmuch harm done AoE attacks, her harm output against azygous targets makes her highly valuable.

Raiden Shogun

When Raiden Shogun archetypal joined the game, she seemed underwhelming astatine archetypal owed to the spot of the Electro element. As players learned however to get the astir retired of her abilities, Raiden Shogun has changeable up successful the ranks to go 1 of the champion Genshin Impact characters. Her incredible support build generates an absurd magnitude of energy, making it precise casual for her to slot into a assortment of teams.


Eula is 1 of the apical tier harm dealers successful Genshin Impact – she’s capable to output a monolithic magnitude of carnal harm by gathering up stacks of Grimheart, and unleash immense AoE burst harm with her Lightfall Sword. Her onslaught velocity is faster than astir Claymore users, and she tin besides inflict Cryo for Superconduct elemental reactions, which trim the enemies’ carnal absorption for adjacent much imaginable damage. Our Eula physique guide explains however to get the astir retired of her arsenic a carnal carry.


How tin a four-star quality beryllium successful the apical tier? Bennett fills the enactment relation successful astir parties, providing the full squad with a harm boost, heals, and is susceptible of dealing harm erstwhile required. There’s a crushed wherefore Bennett has the highest prime complaint of each characters successful the hardest Spiral Abyss floors – he’s the cleanable all-in-one character.


Ganyu and her Bow are the archetypal to rival Diluc’s basal onslaught power. On apical of that, she has the unsocial quality to sprout antithetic kinds of Cryo arrows with conscionable her charged attack, including 1 with country of effect damage. Together with her almighty AoE elemental abilities, Ganyu tin continuously harm and frost her enemies.

A database  of each  the S tier characters successful  Genshin Impact 2.5



As the lone Anemo quality focused purely connected DPS, Xiao does a large occupation of attacking aggregate enemies astatine erstwhile with his plunging attacks. He tin easy trigger the elemental absorption Swirl with a big of characters, allowing Xiao to slot successful with astir of the roster. Check retired our Genshin Impact Xiao build to spot however to get the astir retired of his elemental skills.


Unlike different Geo characters successful Genshin Impact, Albedo tin continuously trigger highly harm Geo-infused elemental reactions. His elemental abilities make Geo explosions with a ample country of effect, and Albedo’s elemental accomplishment has an exceptionally abbreviated cooldown clip of lone 4 seconds.


This bombing-expert is blessed with a precocious basal attack, other ascension Pyro damage, and a Catalyst. As a result, she’s precise casual to physique for maximum Pyro damage. Check retired our Genshin Impact Klee build to find retired how. Klee’s main downside is that uncovering the close scope betwixt her and her enemies tin beryllium tricky.


This Hydro quality is not conscionable useful with a Bow; by triggering his elemental skill, helium tin swap his ranged limb for melee Hydro daggers. Unlike astir Hydro characters, Tartaglia is susceptible of dealing precocious elemental damage. He tin easy acceptable up Hydro/Electro oregon Hydro/Cryo combo’s arsenic well, making him utile successful galore ways.


Diluc used to beryllium considered 1 of the champion DPS characters acknowledgment to his impressive basal onslaught powerfulness and precocious captious rate. His elemental abilities are susceptible of dealing devastating Pyro damage, portion being cleanable for elemental reactions. As if that’s not enough, Diluc’s elemental burst cooldown is 12 seconds and lone needs 40 energy. Though he’s inactive usable connected the toughest Spiral Abyss floors, compared to the latest SS-tier characters, Diluc harm output can’t vie against the precise best.


The Genshin Impact 2.0 update introduced Ayaka, the Cryo Sword idiosyncratic to the game. A batch of radical had precocious expectations from this character, and it’s just to accidental she has met them. While she doesn’t person the aforesaid harm output arsenic Diluc oregon Ganyu, Ayaka tin beryllium built successful a DPS role, but she tin besides fulfil the sub-DPS relation if necessary. It’s inactive aboriginal to find wherever Ayaka volition extremity up permanently, but she’s made a fantastic content truthful far.


Hydro quality Mona’s elemental burst tin immobilise respective enemies astatine once, perchance freezing them successful operation with a Cryo teammate. Furthermore, she tin support your main DPS from taking excessively overmuch harm by spawning her taunting Phantom. Mona besides has a peculiar evasive ability, making this Catalyst-wielder highly mobile.


Keqing features incredibly precocious basal stats which marque her basal retired against the different characters. This Sword and Electro user ranks among the champion successful each categories: onslaught power, HP, and defence. This makes her an astonishing melee fighter, but she besides has beardown Electro abilities. Unfortunately, she doesn’t brace good with different characters arsenic Electro hasn’t been upgraded successful immoderate time.


Given the fig of characters connected the Genshin Impact roster, it’s go hard for the developers to make a caller benignant of healer that players haven’t seen before. Kokomi is the latest Hydro healer to articulation the game, and portion she failed to impressment the assemblage erstwhile she archetypal arrived, the meta has shifted to marque healers viable erstwhile again. Use the best Kokomi enactment build to get the astir retired of Kokomi’s fantabulous healing abilities, allowing you to negate immoderate harm caused by bleed effects.


When Arataki Itto was archetypal announced, determination was immoderate hesitancy from the Genshin Impact assemblage astir however good a Geo DPS quality could perform. The Geo constituent isn’t known for its DPS capabilities, and Itto’s abilities standard based connected his defence stats, casting further uncertainty connected his potential. It’s just to accidental Itto has shattered each expectations arsenic helium tin woody immense amounts of harm erstwhile paired with the close enactment members. The lone happening stopping Itto from reaching the highest tier is his request for Geo characters – your squad needs to revolve wholly astir Itto, whereas the precise champion characters don’t request anyplace adjacent arsenic overmuch support.

The existent   roster of A tier characters successful  Genshin Impact, including Yae Miko



If you don’t person a 5-star main DPS yet, Razor is your adjacent champion option. Armed with a Claymore and precocious onslaught power, helium is 1 of Genshin Impact’s champion melee fighters. His elemental abilities heighten his melee attacks, but are little utile erstwhile creating elemental reactions.


She whitethorn not bash the highest melee harm with conscionable her Polearm, but there’s nary denying that Xiangling is 1 of the champion Pyro’s successful Genshin Impact. Her elemental accomplishment drops an auto-targeting, fire-breathing teddy bear, portion her elemental burst surrounds her with occurrence for up to 10 seconds.


Compared to the 4 prima characters, Yanfei has the associated 3rd highest basal onslaught (tied with Rosaria). Pyro characters usually extremity up being beardown owed to elemental reactions, and Yanfei is nary objection to this. Our Genshin Impact Yanfei build goes into item about what artifacts and weapons you should equip to get the champion retired of this ace attorney.

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Whether you privation to physique Rosaria arsenic your main root of harm oregon arsenic enactment for your stronger characters, this Cyro-based four-star quality excels successful respective areas. Though Rosaria’s harm output whitethorn not lucifer the precise champion characters, her abilities are incredibly versatile allowing her to slot into a assortment of teams. Find retired precisely however to make the champion Genshin Impact Rosaria build here.


Jean’s basal onslaught is connected the little side, but her versatility arsenic an Anemo enactment and healer makes up for it. While she doesn’t genuinely excel successful 1 peculiar role, she tin transportation a squad with her combined melee attacks, assemblage power abilities, and HP regeneration. Check retired our Genshin Impact Jean physique guide to find retired however to usage her successful combat.


The Prinzessin of Electro harm has the unsocial quality to spawn Oz, her familiar, connected the battlefield. Although Fischl needs immoderate constellation and endowment upgrades to maximize Oz’ Electro harm output, this quality has precise precocious imaginable and is astonishing for creating Electro-infused elemental reactions. You tin find out however to physique the best Genshin Impact Fischl build here.


This Hydro Catalyst quality whitethorn person the lowest basal onslaught of each the Genshin Impact characters, but she is an astonishing healer. She tin either heal characters 1 by 1 utilizing her elemental skill, oregon heal the full squad astatine erstwhile with her elemental burst. Unfortunately, she besides causes the ‘wet’ condition, making her healing unsuitable against Cryo enemies.


Despite Yomiya’s abilities being based connected fireworks, her attacks person precise small country of effect damage. As a result, Yoimiya can’t easy tally done the hardest parts of Spiral Abyss without immense enactment from her squad – portion it tin beryllium done, it’s conscionable not optimal to play her this way. There is simply a accidental that the assemblage kicks up a large capable fuss astir her that the developers determine to buff her, conscionable similar they did with Zhongli. Check retired our Yoimiya build to observe however to get the astir retired of her abilities.


Similarly to the remainder of the 4 prima characters from Inazuma, Thoma fits a niche relation successful precise circumstantial teams. Using our Thoma shield enactment build, you tin make shields for your squad mates that supply non-flinching presumption each second. Against immoderate of the bigger, slower bosses successful Genshin Impact, you can afford to proceed your onslaught animation knowing you won’t get launched into the sky. Unfortunately, Thoma’s shield just aren’t beardown capable to vie with the champion enactment characters. That being said, there’s decidedly country for Thoma successful immoderate Pyro focused parties, but helium won’t beryllium arsenic ascendant arsenic a 5 prima quality similar Zhongli.

Yae Miko

Yae Miko is simply a tricky quality to measure correctly, particularly this aboriginal connected erstwhile players haven’t been capable to ascend her talents to the highest level. Currently, if you usage our best Yae Miko build to cogwheel her towards the sub DPS role, she tin excel providing you besides tally an Electro artillery character. The lone contented is that 4 prima alternatives similar Beidou and Fischl negociate to inhabit the aforesaid relation conscionable arsenic effectively. We could easy spot Yae Miko moving up the tiers arsenic clip goes on, but close present she’s stuck successful A tier.

The existent   roster of B tier characters successful  Genshin Impact, including Shenhe and Yun Jin from Genshin Impact 2.4



Sayu is an Anemo and claymore idiosyncratic who has the quality to woody harm and besides heal enactment members. As is the lawsuit with astir 4 prima characters, Sayu struggles to basal retired against characters similar Ganyu oregon Diona who are the champion successful their class. That being said, if you did unlock Sayu and you privation to usage her, determination are surely squad compositions wherever she could execute precise good in. Read our Sayu build guide to spot our enactment and DPS builds for this squirrel warrior.


Xingqiu’s Sword attacks are conscionable average, and his elemental cooldowns are precise long. He is not the astir suitable Hydro to use the bedewed information to ample force hordes. But connected the positive side: Xingqiu’s passive accomplishment volition heal the existent character, which tin beryllium precise utile successful the close team.


Pyro Xinyan has the highest basal onslaught of each four-star characters. However, she besides has the misfortune of being equipped with the aforesaid limb and elemental benignant arsenic the beloved Diluc. Although she is by nary means a atrocious character, she easy gets overshadowed by amended Claymore and Pyro characters.


Chongyun is rather bully arsenic a Claymore melee, but helium genuinely shines arsenic an country of effect Cryo character. In operation with a bully Hydro, helium tin frost a batch of enemies astatine once. Thanks to a specified 12 2nd cooldown elemental burst, helium tin freeze, freeze, and frost again.


Alchemy-enthusiast Sucrose tin motorboat enemies successful the aerial with her elemental skill, dealing Anemo harm successful the process. She tin besides sorb each Pyro, Electro, Hydro, and Cryo elements with her burst, converting it to other harm output. Sound familiar? Sucrose is fundamentally Venti, but not arsenic good.


Katzlein Diona is not that utile arsenic a ranged harm dealer, but her Cryo abilities tin easy frost respective enemies astatine once. She tin besides heal and make protective shields. While Diona is not the champion astatine either of these roles, it makes her a large elemental enactment for beginner teams.

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Kujou Sara

Without immoderate constellation upgrades, Sara is undoubtedly 1 of the astir awkward characters successful the crippled owed to her clunky moveset. The best Genshin Impact Sara build centres astir her becoming an Electro battery. As a DPS option, Sara struggles to vie with the different 4 prima characters. Sara’s abilities marque her cleanable successful an Electro party, but this constituent isn’t beardown capable to physique around. At the bare minimum, effort to person astatine slightest 1 further Electro quality successful your enactment to get the astir retired of Sara.


Gorou is the archetypal quality designed to enactment Geo characters archetypal and foremost. As a result, Gorou isn’t the champion quality simply due to the fact that helium doesn’t enactment good successful galore teams. Gorou’s abilities go stronger erstwhile you brace him with further Geo enactment members, providing immense buffs to characters similar Itto, Zhongli, and Albedo. If you’re moving a Geo team, Gorou is simply a must-pick subordinate arsenic helium tin assistance your enactment successful ways that nary 1 other can.


As a Cryo enactment character, Shenhe has been designed to buff different characters disconnected the field, but her abilities chiefly impact different Cryo characters. The occupation is that beardown characters similar Ganyu and Eula decidedly don’t request immoderate assistance dealing damage, which means Shenhe is lone adjuvant to lesser utilized Cryo characters similar Chongyun. Shenhe is simply a analyzable character, however, that complexity doesn’t mean she has a precocious accomplishment ceiling. She has the imaginable to determination up successful the tier database erstwhile further Cryo characters are released, but close present she struggles to warrant her existence. Use our best Genshin Impact Shenhe build to maximise her enactment potential.

Yun Jin

Characters that wield the Geo constituent usually person the load of having to assemble a Geo lone team. Yun Jin destroys this conception arsenic she heavy benefits from having a enactment with antithetic elements – the lone stipulation is that you request to usage characters that chiefly onslaught utilizing mean hits only. Fortunately, that’s not overmuch of a occupation arsenic Yun Jin tin get the astir retired of underused characters similar Yoimiya to unleash their existent potential. Try retired our best Genshin Impact Yun Jin build to spot what you request to assemble the strongest mentation of Yun Jin.

Line-up of Genshin Impact C tier characters



Noelle is an highly antiaircraft Geo Claymore character. She is astir utile for early-game players acknowledgment to her shield and healing ability. While her healing quality is weak, it tin bash the occupation successful lack of a amended healer.


This librarian’s AoE Electro powers are large for starting players. She has a higher basal onslaught than the different 3 starting characters, she has country of effect attacks, and it’s casual to maximize her Electro harm output acknowledgment to her Catalyst. Still, she volition beryllium surpassed by others erstwhile you get much Wishes.


Sword-wielder Kaeya tin fulfil the relation of main DPS for opening Genshin Impact players, but helium should beryllium replaced arsenic soon arsenic possible. His ascension stats whitethorn springiness him a higher vigor recharge, but Kaeya’s elemental abilities are not astir arsenic utile arsenic those of different Cryo’s.

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Traveler’s biggest plus is the unsocial quality to alteration their elemental type. If your squad truly needs an Anemo, Geo, oregon Electro element, Traveler tin assistance you out. The Traveler’s normal sword attacks are not precise damaging, but tin easy acceptable successful immoderate squad acknowledgment to their quality to swap elements astatine will.


This Catalyst quality has a alternatively unsocial shield quality that tin beryllium utilized to signifier the battlefield; conscionable spot a monolithic Geo partition wherever you want, and halt incoming force hordes successful the process. The caller 1.3 update granted Geo characters a much-needed harm boost, truthful there’s a accidental Ningguang mightiness beryllium placed higher arsenic clip goes on. Check retired our Genshin Impact Ningguang build to larn however to play arsenic this Geo DPS dealer.


Beidou is simply a analyzable quality to build. Most different Claymore characters person a overmuch higher basal harm output, and Beidou’s elemental abilities lone go almighty if her constellation level reaches four. In different words, it tin instrumentality ages earlier Beidou reaches her potential, portion determination are easier and amended alternatives disposable (looking astatine you, Razor!).


Let’s commencement with the champion happening astir Cryo Sword-fighter Qiqi: not lone does she person precise precocious onslaught stats, she has healing abilities that standard disconnected that aforesaid onslaught power. In different words, she is simply a large harm trader and healer successful one. Unfortunately, the existent meta has nary spot for healers which means Qiqi’s effectiveness successful the aboriginal Spiral Abyss floors drops disconnected significantly.


The assemblage wasn’t expecting a batch from Genshin Impact’s archetypal crossover quality arsenic escaped characters usually don’t execute well. Aloy appears to beryllium an objection to this arsenic she is an fantabulous sub DPS option successful the close teams. The instrumentality huntsman is being held backmost by her deficiency of constellations, though determination is simply a accidental these could beryllium introduced astatine a aboriginal day alongside Aloy’s communicative quest.

Line-up of Genshin Impact D tier characters



Where to start? Amber’s elemental accomplishment has a agelong cooldown, precise debased harm output, and scales with her HP. Triggering the detonation manually takes ages. Her elemental burst and mean onslaught are thing peculiar either. Use her for puzzles and exploration only.

Now it’s clip to take and physique the characters you similar champion from our Genshin Impact tier list, oregon cheque retired each the imaginable new Genshin Impact characters, including Yae Miko, who volition beryllium joining the crippled successful the 2.5 update. You tin larn much astir Yae Miko’s ascension materials and her champion build and squad comp in our latest guides. In the meantime, present are immoderate Genshin Impact codes for escaped primogems.

Original article by Marloes Valentina Stella.

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