Genshin Impact Yelan materials – all ascension materials

Genshin Impact Yelan materials – all ascension materials

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Looking for Yelan ascension materials successful Genshin Impact? This new Genshin Impact character was officially announced precocious connected the RPG games’ authoritative Twitter account, but since past quality information has leaked from a beta physique of the 2.7 update.

We whitethorn not cognize erstwhile the Yelan banner merchandise date is, but we bash cognize what her abilities should beryllium and, much importantly, we cognize what Yelan ascension materials we’re apt to request to bust done the level headdress and scope her afloat potential. That is, provided she doesn’t gamble everything distant first! Note that 1 cardinal constituent for Yelan is recovered successful the caller Chasm area, truthful marque definite you discarded nary clip successful unlocking its secrets.

If you’re taking the clip to upgrade the best Genshin Impact characters connected your team, we’ve got plentifulness much ascension worldly guides present for the likes of Raiden Shogun, Ayato, and adjacent Venti. Below you’ll find everything you request to cognize astir Yelan’s quality ascension materials, endowment ascension materials, and past circumstantial guidance connected wherever to find each of the items you request to ascend this ranged warrior. However, arsenic this accusation is based connected information reported from the beta, carnivore successful caput determination is simply a anticipation it could alteration upon release.

Yelan Ascension Materials

All Yelan ascension materials, according to Honey Hunter World.

Character Ascension Materials

Ascension phase Character level Materials Mora
1 20 1x Varunada Lazurite Sliver, 3x Starconch, 3x Recruit’s Insignia 20,000
2 40 3x Varunada Lazurite Fragment, 2x Runic Fang, 10x Starconch, 15x Recruit’s Insignia 40,000
3 50 6x Varunada Lazurite Fragment, 4x Runic Fang, 20x Starconch, 12x Sergeant’s Insignia 60,000
4 60 3x Varunada Lazurite Fragment, 8x Runic Fang, 30x Starconch, 18x Sergeant’s Insignia 80,000
5 70 6x Varunada Lazurite Fragment, 12x Runic Fang, 45x Starconch, 12x Lieutenant’s Insignia 100,000
6 80 6x Varunada Lazurite Gemstone, 20x Runic Fang, 60x Starconch, 24x Lieutenant’s Insignia 120,000

Talent ascension materials

Level Materials Mora
2 3x Teachings of Prosperity, 6x Recruit’s Insignia 12,500
3 2x Guide to Prosperity, 3x Sergeant’s Insignia 17,500
4 4x Guide to Prosperity, 4x Sergeant’s Insignia 25,000
5 6x Guide to Prosperity, 6x Sergeant’s Insignia 30,000
6 9x Guide to Prosperity, 9x Sergeant’s Insignia 37,500
7 4x Philosophies of Prosperity, 4x Lieutenant’s Insignia, 1x Gilded Scale 120,000
8 6x Philosophies of Prosperity, 6x Lieutenant’s Insignia, 1x Gilded Scale 250,000
9 12x Philosophies of Prosperity, 9x Lieutenant’s Insignia, 2x Gilded Scale 450,000
10 16x Philosophies of Prosperity, 12x Lieutenant’s Insignia, 2x Gilded Scale, 1x Crown of Insight 700,000

Yelan materials farming guide


These bare seashells are chiefly located successful Liyue. You tin often find them connected beaches, but circumstantial locations that are bully for farming Starconches see the Yaoguang Shoel, southbound of Mingyun village, and the beaches that span southbound and eastbound of the shoal. You tin besides find them connected the land wherever the Guyun Stone Forest is located.


You tin get the insignia from defeating Fatui Skirmishers, Fatui Cicin Mages, and Fatui Pyro Agents. The level of insignia you get is determined by the level of the enemies you defeat. Level 60+ driblet Lieutenant’s Insignia and level 40+ driblet Sergeant’s Insignia.

These foes tin mostly beryllium recovered successful locations astir Liyue, though they are besides recovered astatine Dragonspine successful Mondstadt arsenic well. Remember, you tin besides usage lower-tiered insignia to trade higher tier ones.

Runic Fang

Runic Fangs aren’t presently utilized by immoderate quality oregon limb for ascension, chiefly due to the fact that they are a marque caller worldly introduced successful the 2.6 update.

Runic Fangs are dropped by level 30+ Ruin Serpents, a caller brag introduced successful the (also new) Chasm area. You volition request to archetypal unlock the underground Chasm area, and aft you decision a Ruin Serpent you request to devour 40 archetypal resin to assertion the rewards.


The Hydro ascension materials: Varunada Lazurite fragments, slivers, and gemstones tin beryllium obtained by defeating the pursuing play and mean bosses:

  • Oceanid
  • Stormterror
  • Hydro Hypostasis
  • Childe
  • Stormterror

You tin besides usage Hydro ascension materials to trade antithetic variations of Varunada Lazurite, specified arsenic utilizing 3 slivers to marque a fragment.

Talent ascension materials

Gilded Scales driblet from level 70+ Beneath the Dragon-Queller, a Trounce domain located successful Liyue. You archetypal request to implicit Zhongli’s communicative quest successful bid to entree it. The domain whitethorn besides driblet a Dragon Lord’s Crown oregon a Bloodjade Branch instead, but you tin person either of them into a Gilded Scale utilizing a Dream Solvent.

To get the Prosperity books, you indispensable bash the Taishan Mansion domain connected Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays, and you tin person lower-tiered books into higher tier ones. To scope level 10 successful each endowment requires a Crown of Insight. There are presently six permanently available: 1 via offerings to the Frostbearing Tree and 5 from the Sacred Sakura.

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And that’s everything you request to cognize astir Yelan’s ascension materials successful Genshin Impact. Check retired the latest details connected the Hues of the Violet Garden event presently moving arsenic portion of the 2.6 update, arsenic good arsenic our guides connected the caller Lost Valley domain, arsenic good arsenic each of the archaic chromatic locations. You’ll besides request plentifulness of Mora, truthful cheque retired our Genshin Impact codes usher for freebies.