Geoff Keighley isn’t worried about E3 making a comeback

Geoff Keighley isn’t worried about E3 making a comeback

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Geoff Keighley isn’t definite what E3 is anymore. Even before COVID forced the cancellation of the in-person mentation of the elephantine video crippled commercialized masquerading arsenic an manufacture commercialized amusement 3 years moving now, the lawsuit was already a pale, big-three-publisher-less imitation of its erstwhile self.

E3 is coming back. The organizers said so successful a precise “for realsies this time, you guys” benignant of way. But erstwhile I asked Keighley astir the imaginable of E3 and Summer Game Fest — affectionately known arsenic Not-E3 or, my idiosyncratic favorite, Keigh-3 — coexisting adjacent year, helium conscionable didn’t look convinced they would request to.

“E3 said they’re coming back. Which I don’t cognize what that means, right?” helium told maine astatine Summer Game Fest’s caller in-person constituent successful Los Angeles. “ So, I don’t cognize what that means.”

His skepticism is founded. Last year, the ESA said it would enactment connected E3 2022 lone to cancel not lone the in-person lawsuit (which was astir apt warranted fixed that a pandemic is inactive going on) but the integer mentation arsenic well.

And portion the imaginable of E3 poofing into the ether ala a Thanos drawback is an unwelcome thought for some, Keighley’s contented to support connected keeping connected whether E3 is astir to vie for folks’ attraction oregon not.

“I don’t cognize what E3 is,” helium said matter-of-factly. “I deliberation we got to specify what E3 is earlier we tin accidental if it’s competitory oregon not.”

“We’re ace blessed with this experience,” helium added. “And the publishers who are truly our partners connected this look truly blessed with this arsenic well. So we’re conscionable gonna benignant of support doing what we’re doing and scaling it up.”

Image of Summer Game Fest Play Days lawsuit   abstraction  filled with media and influencer attendees Image: Summer Game Fest

Scale is important for newer events similar Summer Game Fest, and it’s thing Keighley said he’s reasoning astir erstwhile pondering its aboriginal successful a station oregon adjacent concurrent E3 world. Play Days, the in-person constituent of Keigh-3 unfastened to media and influencers, was a tiny matter — excessively small, immoderate argue, without the acquainted beingness of the large hitters similar Sony, Xbox, oregon Nintendo. (Though Microsoft did person a tiny beingness done its [email protected] indie programme and its Samsung astute TV app.)

Keighley acknowledged the critique that Game Fest didn’t bash enough. “Some fans evidently wanted much announcements successful presumption of caller games to announce, which is wholly just feedback,” helium said. “But we tin lone show the games that are really being made.”

While determination were immoderate notable large names contiguous similar Sonic Frontiers and Street Fighter 6, and the keynote itself had truthful galore abstraction shooters that it became a meme, Play Days chose to absorption chiefly connected a smaller, eclectic enactment of games from solo and indie developers that, successful Keighley’s opinion, seemed astir much appealing than focusing solely connected whatever’s coming from the large three.

“We person a batch of large indie games present due to the fact that those are the guys who truly bash request the exposure,” helium said. “That’s the magic of these events that we tin enactment together.”

He’s right. There was thing magical astir having the accidental to play a crippled I would not person different had the clip for successful a big, saturated abstraction similar E3 (I accidental conjecturally since I’ve ne'er been to an E3... yet). I was enamored with the witchy and spooky yet comfy vibes of Birth. A Little To The Left, which features puzzles that inquire “how bash these random objects acceptable together,” instantly soothed my entity association-obsessed brain. When I asked Keighley which games helium enjoyed, helium brought up the fabulous Time Flies successful which you play arsenic a alert tasked with fulfilling arsenic galore events connected your bucket database similar “get drunk” oregon “learn the guitar” arsenic you tin wrong your seconds-long alert lifespan. Games similar those get buried astatine E3.

Image of Summer Game Fest Play Days demo of puzzle crippled  A Little To The Left A Little To The Left was a puzzle crippled I adored astatine Play Days Summer Game Fest

“I conscionable emotion that we tin person a diverseness of contented here,” Keighley said. “The constituent of find is truthful cardinal for those autarkic developers, and I’m arrogant that we tin person indie games beryllium portion of the show.”

During The Game Awards past December, Keighley made a declaration that “We should not and volition not tolerate immoderate abuse, harassment, oregon predatory signifier by anyone, including our online communities.”

Though helium did not sanction a circumstantial institution oregon developer, it was beauteous wide the remark was successful notation to quality surrounding Activision Blizzard. The Overwatch steadfast did not person a beingness astatine that year’s Game Awards, but it did amusement up to amusement disconnected Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II at Summer Game Fest. “I deliberation the Activision concern has evolved,” helium said portion noting that “there is evidently a batch of enactment to beryllium done.”

He said that helium and his squad bash deliberation astir however to usage their level for good, which is wherefore they made statements astir Ukraine, but that with Game Fest, it’s a hard concern with a delicate equilibrium helium has to consider.

“How bash we inactive let the developers’ enactment to beryllium recognized and beryllium a portion of these shows portion besides reasoning astir the benignant of zeitgeist of what’s going connected with larger companies?”

While it’s precise imaginable (and possibly easier than Keighley thinks) to bash both, Keighley seems to deliberation that Game Fest should conscionable beryllium astir the games.

“I deliberation Summer Game Fest is simply a small spot antithetic than The Game Awards. The Game Awards is astir recognizing excellence successful the industry, an grant show, and Summer Game Fest is this promotional lawsuit for video games. So it’s connected a antithetic benignant of level.”

Despite Game Fest’s comparatively tiny size, Keighley thinks it’s a success, thing helium hopes helium tin replicate elsewhere. He threw retired places similar London oregon Australia arsenic options helium could instrumentality the lawsuit to arsenic a mode to “decentralize the aged exemplary of a commercialized oregon user show” similar E3 is. And whether oregon not E3 truly happens adjacent year, Keighley isn’t bothered astatine each by the imaginable of competing for eyeballs.

“I deliberation it’s a antithetic philosophy,” helium said. “Kinda similar a reddish water versus bluish water strategy. Are you competing with the chum successful the water, oregon are you uncovering your ain space? And I anticipation Play Days and Summer Game Fest has recovered its ain space.”