Get a more user-friendly remote for your Apple TV/Apple TV 4K for only $30

Get a more user-friendly remote for your Apple TV/Apple TV 4K for only $30

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While Apple's motto is "It conscionable works.", sometimes you whitethorn privation that their products worked conscionable a small spot better. If you hap to beryllium reasoning astir looking for a much user-friendly alternate to Apple's Siri Remote, past the Function101 Button Remote for Apple TV/Apple TV 4K could beryllium precisely what you need.

It requires nary dependable input due to the fact that each of the buttons that you mightiness request are astatine your fingertips. And the plan places them successful a mode that customers are utilized to uncovering them connected accepted distant controls. That thoughtful attack to creating the fastener layout connected the Function101 Button Remote makes it truthful overmuch easier to navigate your Apple TV.

Infrared exertion (IR) is employed to fto you synchronize this distant with your TV successful specified seconds, past you tin power the power, mute, and measurement functions. While IR does necessitate a enactment of show to your Apple TV, it works from up to 12 meters away. So the Function101 Button Remote's wide connectivity scope allows you to conscionable laic backmost and unbend portion enjoying your entertainment.

Naturally, the Function101 Button Remote has been fully-tested with some the Apple TV & Apple TV 4K. But not lone volition it enactment with each of those, but it is besides compatible with most different brands of TV sets, arsenic well.

It's nary wonderment that viewers are raving astir however satisfied they are with this remote. Like different buyers, verified purchaser Cynthia Reaves gives it a cleanable standing of 5 stars. She says: "The distant is amazing. I purchased 3 and truthful gladsome I did. Works wonderfully with Apple TV. What is brainsick is my hubby and I each person to person a remote. Would urge this to everyone. LOVE!!!"

Now you tin bask a much user-friendly alternate to the modular Apple TV remote, get a Function101 Button Remote for Apple TV/Apple TV 4K contiguous portion it's disposable for lone $29.95.