Give me a bigger iPhone SE

Give me a bigger iPhone SE

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It’s hard to beryllium excessively disappointed by the iPhone SE. It’s cute, has large specs for the price, and now has 5G. It, on with the iPhone 13 Mini, fills that tiny telephone niche for radical with tiny hands. But arsenic a large telephone convert, I’m cheesed that the SE lone comes successful 1 size.

A cheaper smartphone with a large surface isn’t a caller idea. There are plentifulness of them retired determination — but not if you’re connected iOS. Right now, if iPhone users privation a bigger-than-standard display, they person to crook their wallets wrong retired for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. If you get the cheapest configuration possible, you’re looking astatine dropping $1,099.

When it came clip to upgrade my telephone past year, I hemmed and hawed betwixt the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and the 6.7-inch 12 Pro Max. I was connected the iPhone XS Max and got utilized to its comfy 6.5-inch screen. I didn’t need each the bells and whistles that travel with the Pro models. I’d person loved to prevention a mates of 100 buckaroos. But I besides didn’t privation to downgrade to a smaller screen. I’d gone big, and determination was perfectly nary going back. Am I salty that it outgo maine extra? Extremely.

I archetypal joined Team Big Phone with the XS Max. My iPhone 7 had died, and similar galore people, I was acrophobic of the emergence of the phablet. I disquieted whether it’d acceptable successful my pockets and if I’d beryllium capable to usage it one-handed. That changed the 2nd I booted up my shiny caller phone.

The iPhone XR is impervious that there’s an appetite for bigger fund phones. Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

I’ve been cursed with some terrible astigmatism and nearsightedness. The past clip I got my medicine updated, my oculus doc hung her caput and said, “Well, sometimes you person to settee for bully enough.” I often usage my phone’s camera to zoom successful connected signs I can’t read. Switching to a large telephone made it truthful overmuch easier to bash everything modern beingness required of me. Enlarging the font size connected my telephone nary longer looked comical. Not lone that, but it was besides easier for maine to sprout disconnected emails, ticker YouTube videos, destruct my encephalon connected Twitter, and work books. I went from giving myself headaches and wrinkles from squinting to the bliss of not having to bash that. The information that I got amended artillery beingness was conscionable icing connected the cake.

I haven’t missed utilizing my telephone one-handed. Partly due to the fact that I person immense hands, but besides due to the fact that two-handed telephone usage is superior immoderate clip you’re not hanging onto a subway strap. During the work-from-home era, that’s beauteous overmuch each the time. The 12 Pro Max fits easy into my backmost jean pocket. Plus, the manner industry’s insidious strategy to marque women’s pockets ridiculously tiny has ensured I’m ever carrying a purse anyway.

Unlike immoderate of my colleagues present astatine The Verge, I don’t request the champion OLED show oregon the fanciest cameras connected my phone. (I lone instrumentality pictures of my pets anyway.) All I privation is simply a large honking surface that doesn’t look similar implicit garbage and bully artillery life. I’m not thrilled that I person to wage a premium to get that.

A large crushed wherefore the iPhone SE is truthful fashionable is that it’s inexpensive (even with the $30 hike successful terms for 5G). If you had a 6.5 oregon adjacent a 6.7-inch iPhone SE that outgo $500-$600, I warrant you that’d merchantability similar hotcakes. You lone person to look arsenic acold arsenic the iPhone XR’s stellar sales to cognize there’s an appetite for a larger fund iPhone. True, I could’ve conscionable opted for the iPhone 11, but I don’t privation a standard-sized phone. I privation the biggest screen I tin get.

And determination isn’t a bully crushed wherefore Apple hasn’t done this. With the SE, it repurposed the iPhone 8’s bones. It’s wrong Apple’s powerfulness to bash the aforesaid with, say, the XS Max oregon the 11 Pro Max. I uncertainty it’s due to the fact that Apple’s wary of fragmenting its lineup further. It had nary occupation introducing four iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models to take from. Why not instrumentality a accidental by making 2 SEs?

Sure, I could power to Android. But I’m anemic and I’ve seen however my friends dainty greenish bubbles. No, convey you. Small telephone lovers person a prime betwixt the Mini and the SE. I would also similar to person a cheaper alternate to the Pro Max.

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