Go read this Vanity Fair piece about Grimes and her secret baby with Elon Musk

Go read this Vanity Fair piece about Grimes and her secret baby with Elon Musk

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Sometimes journalists get fortunate and observe accusation portion reporting a communicative that they did not expect to find — a papers oregon report, possibly adjacent grounds of anterior misdeeds. But I can’t callback ever speechmaking a diagnostic wherever the newsman discovers a antecedently undisclosed baby, arsenic Devin Gordon did successful his Vanity Fair illustration of the vocalist Grimes, the erstwhile spouse (she says they person divided again but stay friends) of Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. The 2 welcomed their archetypal kid — a lad who they gave an antithetic name — successful May 2020.

But arsenic acold arsenic the wide nationalist was aware, the mates lone had the 1 child. Gordon soon discovers otherwise. As he’s interviewing Grimes successful her caller home, helium thinks helium hears crying but brushes it off. Eventually, it’s undeniable: there’s a babe determination successful Grimes’ house, and she knows that helium knows. So similar a bully reporter, helium goes for it.

So I brace myself to inquire the strangest question of my career: Do you person different babe successful your life, Grimes?

After astatine archetypal trying to evade the question, she yet admits, yes, the mates had a babe via surrogate successful precocious 2021, named Exa Dark Sideræl Musk, nickname Y.

Besides different concealed child, we besides learned the following:

  • Grimes thinks of her lad — who she calls X — arsenic Paul Atreides from Dune and herself arsenic Paul’s mother, Jessica
  • Musk casually mentioned to her not agelong agone that helium plans to permission for Mars successful 10 years
  • She does not see the statement “manic pixie imagination girl” to beryllium an insult

From concealed babies to Musk’s evident 10-year relocation plan, this full portion is simply a chaotic thrust that’s amended work than recapped. So go work Vanity Fair’s screen communicative connected Grimes for a maestro people successful the personage illustration genre, past travel backmost present truthful we tin speech astir it immoderate more.

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