Google adds more iMessage features to Android’s Messages app

Google adds more iMessage features to Android’s Messages app

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Google is upgrading Android’s default messages app with enactment for iMessage reactions and enhanced media sharing arsenic it tries to lure implicit customers from Apple’s iPhones implicit to Pixels and different Android phones. The caller updates are rolling retired this week to the U.S. and immoderate worldwide countries.

The biggest alteration Google is bringing present is enactment for iMessage reactions, oregon tapbacks. While Google supports reactions betwixt Android phones, and iPhones enactment reactions betwixt iPhones, this is the archetypal clip some are being cross-compatible — benignant of. iPhone users volition present person their tapbacks converted to emoji connected Android phones, but Android users volition inactive stay incapable to nonstop reactions to iPhones. This does mean an extremity to “Laughed at,” benignant messages, for Android users astatine least.

Google volition besides present fto you person photos and videos shared by SMS to Google Photos links truthful that the archetypal prime of the media contented remains intact. If you were utilizing RCS, arsenic Google points out, you’d beryllium capable to stock it successful precocious quality.

Other features coming to the Messages app see caller filters to abstracted messages betwixt idiosyncratic and concern chats, automatic deletion of one-tie password messages, nudges to punctual you to reply to that person you near connected read, customized emojis, and day reminders.

Google's caller   Messages app features.Google

Google has agelong since wanted Apple to instrumentality connected RCS messaging successful its ain messaging app. While that wouldn’t springiness Android users entree to Apple’s iMessage service, it would adjacent the spread betwixt the “green” and “blue” bubble experiences. Google contiguous attempted to flip the messaging *ahem* betwixt iOS and Android by framing iPhones arsenic the ones who are backward, and Android phones arsenic supporting the caller modern standards.

“When radical with Android phones and iPhones connection each other, not everything works the mode it should. That’s due to the fact that these conversations trust connected SMS, an outdated messaging standard, alternatively of RCS, a modern, much unafraid industry-standard Android uses that enables high-quality videos, emoji reactions, end-to-end encryption, and more,” said Google’s Jan Jedrzejowicz, Group Product Manager for Messages and Phone by Google, “These caller updates tin lone bash truthful much. We promote Apple to articulation the remainder of the mobile manufacture and follow RCS truthful that we tin marque messaging amended and much secure, nary substance what instrumentality you choose.

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