Google Eases COVID Measures Ahead of Return to Office

Google Eases COVID Measures Ahead of Return to Office

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Google is relaxing its COVID measures and bringing backmost in-office perks arsenic it prepares to invited employees backmost to the workplace.

As CNBC reports, successful an email to San Francisco Bay Area employees, Google Real Estate and Workplace Services VP David Radcliffe announced relaxed rules astir vaccines, testing, societal distancing, and masks.

At the aforesaid time, amenities similar fittingness centers, massages, shuttle services, escaped meals, and entree to informal enactment spaces—suspended during the pandemic—will resume. A institution spokesperson besides confirmed that Google volition nary longer necessitate vaccinations arsenic a information of employment for US workers.

"We're astatine the opening of a journey, truthful the bureau acquisition volition consciousness beauteous akin to what it was similar pre-COVID," Radcliffe wrote successful his email, "We're designing and piloting options to enactment caller ways of moving unneurotic and we'll stitchery insights, data, and feedback to assistance america larn arsenic we go." In-person concern meetings and events are besides "ramping backmost up."

The determination comes conscionable 2 months aft Google reportedly threatened to occurrence employees who didn't comply with the firm's COVID-19 vaccination policy—a mandate that was dropped past month, according to CNBC.

Like galore large organizations, Google was forced to delay its return to mandatory in-office enactment respective times successful 2021 arsenic caller COVID variants emerged and the microorganism continued to spread. Now, provided determination are nary much surges oregon lockdowns, the institution is preparing for astir employees to instrumentality to the bureau for astatine slightest 3 days a week arsenic portion of a "hybrid" enactment model. There is inactive nary hard day for a required instrumentality to HQ, though.

Unvaccinated employees indispensable inactive travel protocols similar investigating and wearing a mask, and Google is pursuing section guidelines to "prioritize the wellness and safety" of the workforce portion allowing flexibility, the institution told CNBC.