Google Fiber touts 100Gbps broadband in multi-gig challenge to rival ISPs

Google Fiber touts 100Gbps broadband in multi-gig challenge to rival ISPs

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Alphabet's 'Other Bets' ISP, Google Fiber, has outlined plans to alteration its marque from a 'gigabit' work to a 'multi-gig' 1 that volition yet present 100Gbps. 

Google Fiber, which has been disposable successful parts of the US since 2012, wooed customers with the committedness of 1 gigabit speeds that US incumbents similar Comcast, Time Warner Cable and AT&T could not match.

This forced incumbents to boost speeds successful areas wherever Google Fiber was available, but its sum was constricted and remained stagnant for 5 years until past month, erstwhile it revealed plans to expand to 5 much states

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Now, Google Fiber seems acceptable to reignite competition. The ISP's CEO Dinni Jain says helium wants to connection affordable entree to multi-gig speeds and claims that a workfellow precocious got 20Gbps download speeds successful Kansas City erstwhile investigating the service. 

"We utilized to get asked, 'who needs a gig?'," Jain wrote in a blogpost. "Today it's nary longer a question. Every large supplier successful the U.S. seems to person present gotten the gigabit memo, and it's lone going up from determination – immoderate providers are already offering 2, 5, 8, adjacent 10 gig products."

Google Fiber presently offers a symmetrical 1Gbps work for $70 a period and past twelvemonth started selling a 2/1Gbps download/upload work for $100 a month, with 1TB of unreality storage. 

"In the coming months, we'll person announcements to dramatically grow our multi-gigabit tiers. These volition beryllium captious milestones connected our travel to 100 Gig symmetrical internet," Jain said.

"We're already person than you mightiness think," helium continued. "This month, we took our investigating retired of the laboratory and into the home, starting with our archetypal trusted tester, Nick Saporito, the Head of Commercial Strategy for GFiber. Look intimately astatine that velocity trial beneath from Nick's location successful Kansas City – yes, that's 20.2 gig download you're seeing!"

But adjacent successful states, similar Atlanta, wherever Google Fiber has operated for years, really getting a Google Fiber transportation tin beryllium difficult. New buildings person it, but galore older buildings don't. And, as ZDNet's Ed Bott – a erstwhile Google Fiber lawsuit – noticed aft moving, Comcast's Xfinity offers 1.2Gbps download speeds successful his condo, but with paltry upload speeds and monthly information caps.

Jain doesn't uncover what prices Google Fiber volition complaint for antithetic tiers successful its multi-gig offerings, but does enactment that pricing, value, and reliability are portion of the "highly curated" work it's offered from the outset. He besides suggests it volition beryllium differentiated by speeds wrong the home, presumably referring to the Wi-Fi 6 mesh web the 2Gbps work includes.

"The unsocial selling points volition beryllium however that web is built to present symmetrical multi-gig velocity astatine accessible pricing – each with a absorption connected enabling work that takes vantage of that velocity not conscionable to the location but successful the home, arsenic well," helium writes. 

This February, US ISP Frontier joined the multi-gigabit club. As ZDNet's Steven Vaughan-Nichols noted, Frontier's 2 gig work remarkably offered that velocity crossed its full network, dissimilar multi-gig offerings from AT&T, Google Fiber, Verizon Fios, Xfinity, and Ziply Fiber

Google Fiber's ambitions couldn't beryllium much antithetic to Elon Musk's SpaceX Starlink outer broadband service, which launched successful aboriginal 2021, and present offers low-latency connections across the globe. As Fierce Telecom notes, Google Fiber is offered successful already-crowded US markets. Meanwhile, Starlink is reaching places that deficiency accelerated broadband and is getting noticeably slower owed to web congestion and the service's popularity.

Starlink's $100-a-month service, connected average, presently doesn't present much than 100Mbps download speeds successful the US, but it is having an interaction successful much places than prime states successful the US.

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