Google I/O 2022: Latest news, dates, and registration

Google I/O 2022: Latest news, dates, and registration

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It’s that clip of twelvemonth again erstwhile we commencement to spot what the Google has been moving connected successful the past twelvemonth and what to expect from the future. I/O 2022 is Google’s yearly developer league wherever it delves into item astir Android, Chrome, and everything other Google-related.

This year’s Google I/O volition beryllium wholly virtual, with the main league days being Wednesday and Thursday, May 11 and 12, which is 1 time shorter than erstwhile events. On these 2 days, you’ll beryllium capable to tune successful online and ticker presentations from Google astir its announcements. It volition besides watercourse the large presentations connected YouTube done assorted Google authoritative channels.

Google I/O 2022 day  and hashtag logos.

You tin sojourn the Google I/O website to play with an interactive timer and spot erstwhile the archetypal lawsuit happens. The timer, if solved, shows the nonstop day and clip that Google’s I/O 2022 volition statesman — but that accusation is besides plainly disposable astatine the bottommost of the page. Above the timer are tabs for agenda, products, I/O adventure, and more. Most of these tabs aren’t unrecorded yet and volition beryllium activated sometime earlier the lawsuit starts.

If you’re a developer and privation to registry for the event, you tin bash that connected the website arsenic well. According to Google, registering volition assistance supply the champion acquisition and volition apt grant you immoderate documents and downloads to assistance your creations. Registering volition besides get you entree to I/O Adventure, the Learning Lab, and assemblage groups. The Learning Lab volition see workshops, codification labs, and tutorials.

Google has yet to uncover the afloat docket for I/O 2022. It volition amusement the full program a fewer weeks earlier the lawsuit truthful everyone tin decently program erstwhile to tune in. Events volition apt commencement astatine 10 a.m. PT connected whitethorn 11 with a large welcoming keynote and overview of projects. What comes aft that is anyone’s conjecture astatine this point. We’ll astir apt perceive astir caller advancements and features for Android 13, Wear OS 4, caller A.I. software, and more.

Stay tuned present astatine Digital Trends to travel on arsenic we stock what Google reveals this year.

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