Google joins Samsung in working with iFixit on a self-repair program

Google joins Samsung in working with iFixit on a self-repair program

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Google has go the latest shaper to spouse with DIY repair specialists iFixit to connection spare parts for its devices, the search elephantine announced today. It’s a woody that should marque it acold easier for the mean lawsuit to get parts to repair their ain Pixel smartphone if it breaks. Parts similar batteries, displays, and cameras volition beryllium disposable to acquisition successful the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, and different European countries wherever the phones are sold. Parts volition beryllium disposable to acquisition “later this year,” Google says.

Spare parts volition beryllium disposable for an awesome scope of Pixel phones, including the latest Pixel 6 devices and going each the mode backmost to 2017’s Pixel 2. That means parts should beryllium disposable for the kinds of aging phones radical mightiness really privation to repair this year. In contrast, Samsung’s equivalent concern with iFixit will, astatine launch, lone screen prime devices dating backmost to the 2020 Galaxy S20 (though it says it plans to grow the programme implicit time).

Easy repairs are indispensable if Google wants customers to usage its devices for arsenic agelong arsenic it’s readying to enactment them with software. As of the Pixel 6, Google is promising 3 years of Android updates and 5 years of information updates, which could spot the phones being utilized into precocious 2026. At that point, it’s all-but-guaranteed that a telephone volition request a artillery replacement oregon immoderate benignant of repair astatine slightest erstwhile implicit its lifetime, which makes casual entree to spare parts vital.

Pixel spare parts volition beryllium sold some individually arsenic good arsenic successful “Fix Kits,” which travel with tools to transportation retired the repairs. If you’d alternatively not bash the repairs yourself, Google already has partnerships with a fig of professional repair shops. There are besides trade-in and recycling programs disposable erstwhile you nary longer privation to support utilizing a device.

The user tech manufacture arsenic a full has gotten much superior astir self-repairs successful caller years. As good arsenic Samsung and Google, Microsoft and Valve are besides moving with iFixit to connection spare parts for their Surface devices and Steam Deck, respectively. Even Apple, which has historically made it difficult for customers to repair their ain devices, announced a self-service repair program precocious past year. These companies are improbable to beryllium the past arsenic close to repair authorities gathers pace astir the world.