Google Meet is getting in-meeting emoji reactions and a picture-in-picture mode

Google Meet is getting in-meeting emoji reactions and a picture-in-picture mode

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Google is announcing a full clump of Workspace updates intended to amended virtual collaboration. But arsenic a big fan of emoji, I person to accidental the caller diagnostic I’m astir excited astir is in-meeting emoji reactions successful Google Meet.

With these reactions, you’ll beryllium capable to driblet emoji similar a bosom oregon a thumbs-up to amusement however you’re feeling during a meeting. The emoji volition amusement up successful video tiles oregon successful a database that floats up connected the broadside of your screen. Here’s a GIF from Google that gives an thought of what to expect:

Zoom has a akin diagnostic that I find truly useful. It’s a large instrumentality to bespeak however I’m feeling astir thing without having to unmute and disrupt an full meeting, and I deliberation they’ll beryllium useful successful Meet arsenic well. Google says these in-meeting reactions volition rotation retired successful April.

Google is besides adding a picture-in-picture mode to Meet, which could beryllium a utile diagnostic to fto you spot who’s speaking adjacent erstwhile you aren’t successful the progressive Meet tab. This volition beryllium disposable starting successful April erstwhile you’re utilizing Meet successful the Chrome browser.

If you privation to spot radical much easy portion you’re moving connected a Google Doc, Sheet, oregon Slide, you’ll soon beryllium capable to commencement oregon bring a Meet telephone to 1 of those applications, wherever you’ll spot gathering participants close adjacent to what you’re moving on. This diagnostic volition beryllium disposable successful the coming weeks. And if you’ve wanted the quality to livestream Meet calls to YouTube, that volition beryllium arriving successful the coming months for Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, and Teaching & Learning Upgrade Workspace customers.

Google is besides readying to adhd optional end-to-end encryption for Meet conversations aboriginal this twelvemonth for each Workspace customers. Client-side encryption volition beryllium disposable successful May for Business Plus, Enterprise Plus, and Education Plus customers.

Meet isn’t the lone merchandise getting immoderate improvements; Google is introducing immoderate updates to Spaces, its Slack-like collaboration product, too. One apt invited diagnostic is in-line threading, which volition fto you divided disconnected conversations into their ain thread without clogging up a main channel. In-line threading volition beryllium disposable successful the coming weeks. (Discord precocious added threads arsenic well.) And Google is expanding Spaces squad size limits to 8,000 people. By the extremity of this year, that maximum volition beryllium 25,000 people.

You tin work much astir Google’s announcements successful this blog post.

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