Google Pixel 7 could be weaker than expected - and that's okay

Google Pixel 7 could be weaker than expected - and that's okay

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Google Pixel 7
(Image credit: Google)

When the Google Pixel 7 bid was teased successful May 2022, we were told that it had the Tensor 2 chipset, the Google-made chipset that follows connected from the spot it debuted successful the Google Pixel 6 series. We've conscionable heard our archetypal leak astir this upcoming component, and it's a astonishing one.

Bear with america here, due to the fact that the root is convoluted: idiosyncratic managed to bargain a locked Google Pixel 7 Pro prototype, and sent its footwear logs (the lone remaining spot of accessible information) to Telegram transmission Google News | EN (opens successful caller tab) (presumably thing to bash with Google's ain quality instrumentality of the aforesaid name).

This transmission past shared the cardinal information: the upcoming phones seemingly volition person the aforesaid screens arsenic their predecessors, and the Tensor 2 chipset volition seemingly beryllium incredibly akin to the original. Take each of this accusation with a pinch of salt, owed to the funny quality of the root - but it's absorbing to excavation into.

If determination are constricted constituent changes successful the chipset, it means the Pixel 7 apt won't person that overmuch processing powerfulness implicit its Pixel 6 predecessor - it doesn't mean it'll beryllium identical, due to the fact that Google could adhd much AI smarts, but don't expect a super-powerful Android.

That information mightiness disappoint you - aft all, newer models of phones are expected to beryllium much almighty - but successful reality, it truly isn't an issue.

Analysis: amended is worse

Each caller iteration of Android processor is expected to beryllium faster than the last. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 is expected to beryllium faster than the 888, which is expected to beryllium faster than the 865, which is expected to beryllium faster than the 855 (for example).

However, successful signifier things aren't that simple, and we tin beryllium that by looking astatine benchmarks. At TechRadar, we usage the Geekbench 5 trial to spot however accelerated phones are successful a lab, though different sites usage alternatives. And it's been showing america thing precise absorbing of late.

Phones utilizing 2021's top-end Snapdragon 888 spot mostly performed arsenic to ones utilizing its predecessor, the 865 - and those connected the newest 8 Gen 1 often underperform both.

Partly, this is due to the fact that these newer chips person horrible overheating issues, which tin origin show to driblet rapidly nether usage - and there's thing to beryllium said for newer chips excelling successful ways that benchmark tests don't prime up on.

But the elemental information of the substance is, phones person gotten to the constituent wherever they're accelerated enough. You don't request a mobile to beryllium immoderate snappier if your fingers aren't accelerated capable to request it, oregon if crippled graphics person topped retired what tiny screens tin do.

Instead, caller chips absorption much connected powerfulness optimization and efficiency, caller camera capabilities and improved AI smarts. Being almighty oregon accelerated isn't arsenic important anymore arsenic being astute is.

So it's apt that Google is simply catering to assemblage use, and is focusing little connected powerfulness and much connected everything else. And that'd acceptable with its modus operandi - it's ever leaned heavy connected AI smarts for things similar photography and astute assistants.

So if the Pixel 7 doesn't wow successful benchmark tests, that's good - the telephone volition apt person improvements successful galore different areas, and it'll inactive beryllium a contender for our database of the best smartphones.

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