Google Pixel Watch could get a sporty spin-off, but you won’t like the price

Google Pixel Watch could get a sporty spin-off, but you won’t like the price

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic ticker  look   adjacent  up   showing app icons
A Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (Image credit: Future)

The Google Pixel Watch hasn’t adjacent been announced yet, but we’re already proceeding that it could get a sport-focused spin-off called the Pixel Watch Fit, which whitethorn oregon whitethorn not onshore astatine the aforesaid time.

According to leaker @VNchocoTaco connected Twitter, Google is either moving connected a abstracted exemplary with this name, oregon perchance readying to telephone the modular Pixel Watch the Pixel Watch Fit.

In immoderate case, this wearable seemingly has precise heavy bezels and could outgo astir $400 (roughly £315 / AU$555). For reference, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 starts astatine conscionable $249.99 / £249 / AU$399, and the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic starts astatine $349 / £349 / $549. So successful the US astatine immoderate complaint the Pixel Watch Fit could beryllium the astir costly mainstream wearable without Apple successful the name.

Pixel Watch could person the sanction oregon different exemplary with the sanction “Pixel Watch Fit” Very Thicc bezels Price could beryllium determination astir ~$400 According to my root aft they saw the leaked images. 24, 2022

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It could beryllium successful different regions too, since terms conversions are seldom accurate, and it mightiness astatine slightest lucifer the Apple Watch, arsenic the Apple Watch 7 starts astatine $399 / £369 / AU$599.

Of course, this is conscionable a rumor for now, but there’s much than 1 root pointing to the Pixel Watch Fit sanction astatine least, with @chunvn8888 (another leaker) besides saying they’d heard this name.

In reply to 1 of these tweets, @ianzelbo (a render artist) claimed to person seen some aluminum and stainless-steel models of the Pixel Watch, and speculated that the aluminum 1 could beryllium the Pixel Watch Fit.

Of course, they mightiness besides some conscionable beryllium versions of the modular Pixel Watch, and possibly that could motorboat with the Pixel Watch Fit name. So adjacent if these leaks are right, we can’t beryllium definite whether determination are really 2 models oregon not.

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A leaked photograph  of the Pixel Watch from the front

(Image credit: Android Central)

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A leaked photograph  of the Pixel Watch from the back

(Image credit: Android Central)

Elsewhere, existent photos of the Pixel Watch (or Pixel Watch Fit) look to person leaked and been obtained by Android Central.

The images amusement the ticker successful a achromatic color, sporting tiny bezels but a seemingly rather chunky build. It has a circular screen, a crown, and astatine slightest 1 button. Disappointingly, the set appears to beryllium proprietary, truthful you apt won’t person arsenic galore (or arsenic affordable) set options arsenic with wearables that usage modular straps.

There’s not overmuch other to see, arsenic the ticker reportedly wouldn’t footwear up, and of people we’d instrumentality this with a pinch of salt. But the Pixel Watch is regularly leaking now, suggesting that it could onshore soon, and that this could beryllium the existent deal.

Analysis: 1 Pixel Watch oregon two?

Back connected the taxable of the Pixel Watch Fit, portion we can’t beryllium definite whether this is simply a 2nd wearable oregon not, we’d deliberation it’s likely.

Assuming the Pixel Watch Fit sanction is going to beryllium used, it would look unusual for the modular exemplary to beryllium called that. The sanction Pixel Watch is shorter, simpler, and much obvious. Calling it Pixel Watch Fit benignant of suggests determination should beryllium a non-Fit mentation too.

So if the Pixel Watch Fit sanction leak is close – which is simply a large if successful itself – past determination astir apt volition beryllium 2 models, though they mightiness not motorboat astatine the aforesaid time.

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