Google Play is helping developers meet gamers where they are

Google Play is helping developers meet gamers where they are

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Google Play is mounting the signifier for a large twelvemonth of maturation successful mobile and cross-platform gaming, with respective caller initiatives to assistance and promote developers to physique adjacent much breathtaking and engaging gaming experiences.

The accrued powerfulness of modern smartphones arsenic gaming powerhouses has allowed for the instauration of much blase mobile games, galore of which tin easy beryllium called “console-quality.” However, this has besides fixed emergence to much request from players to beryllium capable to bask these gaming experiences connected a larger screen.

Screenshot of Windows PC with aggregate  windows showing Asphalt 9 connected  Google Games for PC.Google

The quality to tally Android apps connected Chromebooks, introduced successful 2016, partially addressed this, but limitations successful Chrome OS and lower-end Chromebook hardware meant this didn’t ever supply the champion gaming experience.

Nevertheless, gameplay connected Chromebooks has been connected the emergence implicit the past year, with Google reporting that Android usage connected Chrome OS grew by 50% successful 2021 implicit the erstwhile twelvemonth — and that this was driven chiefly by games.

So, it’s astir apt not a large astonishment that Google wants to instrumentality that acquisition adjacent further. At The Game Awards 2021 successful December, Google amazed america with a teaser video, revealing that Google Play Games would beryllium coming to Windows PCs successful 2022.

While that precise little announcement didn’t connection america overmuch detail, it wasn’t agelong earlier the archetypal Google Play Games for PC beta arrived. In January, Google opened sign-ups for gamers successful Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong to statesman investigating the caller work with a fistful of games.

The fig of titles disposable whitethorn inactive beryllium small, but it’s an awesome postulation to footwear things off, including Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Summoners War, State of Survival: The Joker Collaboration, and Three Kingdoms Tactics.

More importantly, this isn’t conscionable a mode to play your favourite Google Play games connected a Windows PC. Rather, it’s portion of Google’s caller clasp and widen doctrine to “meet players wherever they are.”

Specifically, Google wants to guarantee that gamers get a seamless, “pick-up-and-play” acquisition arsenic they determination betwixt platforms, whether that’s connected a Google Pixel 6, Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, Chromebook, oregon Windows PC.

Building large experiences

To footwear disconnected this week’s Google for Games Developer Summit, we had the accidental to talk with Leo Olebe, Google’s Managing Director of Play Partnerships for Games, astir his imaginativeness for the aboriginal of Google Play Games, and what Google is doing to empower developers to physique adjacent amended gaming experiences.

Olebe came to Google past May aft serving for astir six years arsenic the Senior Global Director of Games Partnerships for Facebook. He besides sits connected the committee of Games for Change, an enactment that aims to empower crippled creators and societal innovators to usage their games to thrust real-world alteration and assistance marque the satellite a amended place.

Needless to say, Olebe understands the mobile crippled manufacture and the needs of some gamers and developers rather well. He had immoderate absorbing things to stock astir however Google is moving to assistance developers win connected Google Play, and successful turn, physique adjacent amended gaming experiences for their players.

A astonishing fig of developers began expressing involvement astir instantly pursuing the teaser announcement astatine The Game Awards, and it’s “grown exponentially” since then.

Although Google Play Games for PC has been rolling retired dilatory with lone a fewer games, that shouldn’t beryllium taken arsenic a motion of mediocre uptake by developers. According to Olebe, a astonishing fig of developers began expressing involvement astir instantly pursuing the teaser announcement astatine The Game Awards, and it’s “grown exponentially” since then.

It’s not conscionable the large crippled developers that are connected board, either. Olebe tells america that Google has galore smaller indie devs who are already moving connected optimizing their games for PCs, and Google is actively moving to supply them with the resources and tools they request to execute this transition.

While the magnitude of effort required to accommodate mobile games for PC volition apt alteration wide betwixt games, Olebe shared that they’ve had immoderate developers “onboard successful arsenic small arsenic a week.” Others instrumentality a spot longer, but again, the Google Play squad is “there to enactment developers each measurement of the way.”

As immoderate long-time mobile gamer knows, moving a crippled betwixt specified antithetic platforms tin often effect successful a little than perfect experience. The aboriginal days of mobile gaming demonstrated however galore PC and console games didn’t ever construe good to a touchscreen interface, and contiguous the other is often true.

Fortunately, Google isn’t going to fto developers get distant with mediocre ports conscionable to present much PC-compatible titles. According to Olebe, “all games that are brought to the Google Play level [should follow] a acceptable of standards, policies, and champion practices […] to get the astir retired of Google Play.” Minimum standards see specified things arsenic supporting keyboard and rodent controls, and the x86 architecture. The extremity present is intelligibly prime implicit quantity, and Google is making these champion practices arsenic wide and casual arsenic imaginable for developers.

Banner from Google for Games Developer Summit 2022 showing an animated phantasy  landscape.Google

For larger developers, Google offers the Google Play Partner Program for Games, tailored for the unsocial needs of developers astatine this scale. However, it besides has a fig of different programs available to adjacent the smallest indie developers. As portion of this year’s Games Developer Summit, Google is besides announcing a caller Android Game Development Extension that volition let crippled developers to physique straight for Android from wrong Visual Studio, including cross-compatibility with Android Studio.

Bigger games, larger screens

Olebe besides tells america that there’s already been a marked displacement by developers implicit the past mates of years to prioritize larger screens, and “users connected Chromebooks are taking notice.” This has driven accrued gaming connected Chromebooks and opened up much opportunities for Android crippled developers to “reach much players wherever they are.”

What’s possibly much absorbing is that Google Play Games for PC besides isn’t conscionable astir supplementing the mobile gaming experience. “PC-first” gamers tin play Android games connected Windows without the request to ever instal the crippled connected their mobile device. “I ideate that determination volition beryllium mobile games that radical observe and effort connected PC that possibly they hadn’t tried before,” Olebe told us.

Google’s “ecosystem approach” has besides been paying disconnected successful a akin way.

The Google Play squad besides sees a large woody of occurrence from partnering “deeply” with crippled developers, Olebe notes, making definite they person each the tools and enactment needed successful the Android Game Development Kit to physique games and metrics similar Android Vitals and the Developer Reporting API to support way of however their games are doing.

Google’s “ecosystem approach” has besides been paying disconnected successful a akin way. This includes the caller Android App Bundle format and the Play arsenic You Download diagnostic introduced successful Android 12 to let players to download and commencement playing a caller crippled successful seconds, arsenic good arsenic value-added features similar Play Points and Play Pass.

Going guardant into 2022, Olebe suggests 3 priorities that Android crippled developers should look to: Game quality, multi-screen gaming, and precocious tools successful Google Play similar pre-registration, aboriginal access, and Play points. “The Android ecosystem is large, and developers get the astir retired of their games moving good connected much devices with each the tools and services we’ve made,” Olebe notes, adding for developers that “Google Play has a wealthiness of tools that assistance you with promoting and expanding the commercialized occurrence for your game.”

“Gamers are ever looking for much opportunities to find and play large games,” Olebe said. “They volition beryllium blessed if they tin find caller experiences, oregon proceed existing ones. Google Play understands that galore — nay astir — are playing connected aggregate platforms. We privation gamers to beryllium capable to find large Google Play experiences nary substance what instrumentality oregon signifier origin they are on.”

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