Google Play Store to trial third-party payment options for some apps like Spotify

Google Play Store to trial third-party payment options for some apps like Spotify

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Google has announced it is moving a aviator to let a "small fig of participating developers" to connection an further outgo enactment adjacent to Google Play's outgo system. Spotify has been headlined arsenic being among these archetypal developers that are portion of the pilot.

"This aviator volition assistance america to summation our knowing of whether and however idiosyncratic prime billing works for users successful antithetic countries and for developers of antithetic sizes and categories," Google said successful a blog post.

According to Spotify, the aviator betwixt the 2 companies represents a "first-of-its-kind enactment successful outgo choice" and forms portion of a "multi-year agreement".

Users who person downloaded Spotify from the Google Play Store volition beryllium presented with a prime to wage with either Spotify's outgo strategy oregon with Google Play Billing, with the 2 payments options to unrecorded "side by side" successful the app, Spotify explained.

"Over the coming months, Spotify volition enactment with Google's merchandise and engineering teams to physique this caller experience, and we'll rotation retired successful countries astir the world. Working together, the companies volition trial and learn, jointly exploring merchandise innovations crossed the Android platform. We expect launching the archetypal iteration of User Choice Billing aboriginal this year," Spotify said.

In announcing the pilot, neither companies specified however the aviator would impact Google's committee fees.

Google VP of merchandise absorption Sameer Samat said the changes physique connected its determination to let further outgo systems successful South Korea, which was made successful effect to new South Korean legislation.

Apple and Google person faced increasing scrutiny crossed the globe for their app store outgo systems, with regulators arguing that the systems of both companies person hampered contention successful the app store and mobile OS space. Earlier this week, Apple was reportedly fined €5 cardinal by Dutch regulators for the ninth time due to its repeated nonaccomplishment to update anti-competitive app store policies against dating apps. The play punishment bid issued by Dutch regulators is capped astatine a maximum magnitude of €50 million, truthful the iPhone shaper tin lone beryllium fined for 1 much week unless the regulator issues a caller order.   

Epic Games, meanwhile, continues to beryllium successful litigation with the 2 companies implicit their app store practices. It's been over 2 years since the lawsuits began. For these lawsuits, the games developer has accused some tech giants of conducting anti-competitive and monopolistic practices owed to their committee interest operation for app developers. 

Outside of the app store changes, Google also canned Play Movies and TV this week, with some of them to determination to the Google TV app successful May.   

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