Google’s Android 13 Beta for TV adds a cool feature - but you can't try it yet

Google’s Android 13 Beta for TV adds a cool feature - but you can't try it yet

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In the aftermath of I/O 2022, Google is softly rolling retired Android 13 Beta 2 for TV which brings caller features and quality-of-life (QoL) changes.

Be alert that the caller beta is presently disposable to Android developers lone arsenic a mode to trial apps connected the OS and supply feedback connected them. However, determination is simply a bully accidental that most, if not all, of the features listed volition beryllium making their mode to your astute TV successful the future.

Developing features

The cardinal taxable of this caller Android 13 beta for TV is astir expanding customization options for users to set however they interact with the platform. A cardinal caller diagnostic is picture-in-picture, which volition dock a amusement to the broadside of the surface portion you browse your astute TV’s menus. The thought is to let radical with large TVs to get the astir retired of their screens and amended multitasking.

The merchandise notes don’t accidental however large the mini model volition be, but according to a caller Android 13 Beta for TV 2 heavy dive, developers volition beryllium capable to take betwixt an aspect ratio of 1:2.39 oregon 2.39.1. None of this is acceptable successful stone, truthful it whitethorn change.

There are besides caller changes coming to the Keyboard Layouts API to enactment antithetic layouts too the accepted QWERTY modular astir are acquainted with. Android 13 Beta 2 includes show changes to the system’s audio and HDMI interface, but it’s chartless however they volition manifest for consumers. If you’re truly funny astir these changes, Google has provided a acceptable of instructions connected however to instal the beta and recommends you buy the ADT-3 Developer Kit.

The roadworthy map

Google is releasing its Android 13 beta for TV beauteous quickly. Beta 1 launched little than a week agone connected May 6. Again, it was for developers only wherever they were capable to trial retired if their app was compatible with the OS and however audio volition beryllium routed.

After this, determination volition beryllium 2 much betas and past it’s the authoritative merchandise of Android 13 Beta for TV. Beta 3 volition spot Android 13 Beta for TV successful a much unchangeable state. Beta 4 is acceptable for last investigating connected apps and features. Looking astatine the roadworthy map, Android 13 is acceptable to motorboat sometime aft July.

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