Google’s getting rid of its standalone Driving Mode dashboard

Google’s getting rid of its standalone Driving Mode dashboard

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Google’s shutting down Driving Mode, its standalone Assistant-powered dashboard that offers speedy entree to audio controls, contacts, navigation, and different shortcuts portion you’re connected the road, according to a study from 9to5Google. The feature, which Google archetypal announced astatine I / O successful 2019, wasn’t officially launched until past year, but present Google’s sunsetting it connected November 21st.

The standalone mentation of Driving Mode isn’t to beryllium confused with the Driving Mode diagnostic built into Google Maps, which automatically boots up erstwhile you commencement navigation. As Esper’s Mishaal Rahman points out, Google added Assistant Driving Mode to Maps before it adjacent released the standalone Driving Mode.

The lone quality betwixt the 2 is that you tin entree the standalone mentation by saying a dependable bid similar “Hey Google, motorboat Driving Mode,” oregon by tapping the Driving Mode shortcut connected your phone’s location screen. Once Driving Mode shuts down, you’ll conscionable person to entree its features by starting navigation successful Google Maps, which is astir apt what galore users person been doing anyway.

Its shutdown is simply a spot of a bummer for those who mightiness not person a car with a integer navigation hub that supports Android Auto, though. The standalone Driving Mode work was expected to regenerate the “Android Auto for Phone Screens” app that Google discontinued with Android 12.

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