Google says Steam has arrived on Chromebooks, let us know if you find it?

Google says Steam has arrived on Chromebooks, let us know if you find it?

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Google has announced that immoderate ChromeOS users volition yet beryllium capable to commencement investigating Steam. During the Google for Games Developer Summit, Google’s merchandise manager for games, Greg Hartell, announced that “the Steam alpha conscionable launched” for prime Chromebooks.

It was a little mention, but the bundle has been a agelong clip coming — Google announced that it was moving connected Steam enactment for ChromeOS in the opening of 2020, and determination hasn’t been overmuch info since. There person been whispers that we’d spot it soon, though, arsenic caller reports indicated that companies are moving connected gaming-focused Chromebooks.

Despite however agelong we’ve been waiting, the announcement comes arsenic a spot of a surprise. As 9to5Google’s Kyle Bradshaw tweeted, radical person been trying to larn much astir Steam connected ChromeOS for months, combing done codification and developer comments — lone for Google to denote it with a casual notation during a developer keynote.

That keynote besides goes implicit Google’s revised plans for its Stadia service — the TL;DR is that it plans connected introducing escaped demos and trials, arsenic good arsenic making things easier for developers. You tin ticker it here, oregon beneath (the Steam notation is astir 14 minutes in).

It is understandable wherefore Google would privation to marque the motorboat comparatively quiet; fixed that it’s launching arsenic an alpha, it’ll astir apt beryllium a small unsmooth astir the edges. There’s besides constricted availability. Google didn’t notation which computers Steam volition beryllium disposable on, but 9to5Google has a database that it discovered past month. It includes the x86-powered laptops similar the Acer Chromebook Spin 713 and the Asus Flip CX5, on with a fewer different models.

Hartell points viewers to the Chromebook Community Forum for much information, though it doesn’t look similar determination are immoderate authoritative updates disposable determination yet. We’ve reached retired to Google and Valve for much information, and volition fto you cognize if we perceive back.