Google to expand encryption options in Meet, will bring Meet videos into Docs

Google to expand encryption options in Meet, will bring Meet videos into Docs

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Starting successful April, Google Meet attendees volition beryllium capable to respond successful meetings with emojis similar a thumbs-up oregon bosom emoji.


Google connected Wednesday announced its latest circular of updates to Workspace, its productivity and collaboration platform, including expanded encryption options for Google Meet videos. Additionally, Google is besides to fto customers straight integrate Meet videos into Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. This integration volition fto users spot their collaborators -- positive the documents they're collaborating connected -- each nether 1 tab. 

Google started rapidly rolling retired a fig of caller and improved features to its collaboration tools a mates of years agone erstwhile the Covid-19 pandemic made virtual enactment an imperative. Since then, Google has besides stepped up efforts to integrate each of its tools. 

With each of its connection and collaboration products integrated into 1 suite, "we're of people making large bets connected Google Docs and Google Sheets arsenic retention vehicles for each sorts of things," Google's Dave Citron said to reporters this week. "We're capable to store each the artefacts from a gathering utilizing Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc. All of it gets magically indexed by the Workspace hunt engine, truthful you'll beryllium capable to hunt crossed each of it successful 1 seamless way."

Improved information is simply a captious constituent of Google's strategy -- businesses won't clasp collaboration oregon retention tools that permission their contented vulnerable. To that end, Google is bringing optional end-to-end encryption for Google Meet meetings to each Google Workspace customers. 

Additionally, successful May, definite customers volition person entree to client-side encryption (CSE) successful Meet. This feature, which is presently successful beta, gives customers nonstop power of the encryption keys and individuality supplier utilized to entree those keys. CSE successful Meet volition beryllium disposable for customers connected Business Plus, Enterprise Plus, and Education Plus Workspace plans. 

Meanwhile, the quality to adhd Meet videos straight into Docs, Sheets and Slides volition beryllium successful GA successful the coming weeks. Users volition beryllium capable to commencement a gathering and bring it to a document, spreadsheet oregon presentation. This volition let each gathering participants to collaborate portion having a conversation. 

Google Docs "pioneered" real-time collaboration, Citron said, and this caller capableness volition "convert that magical co-authoring acquisition to a real-time video call."

Some of the caller Google Meet features announced Thursday mimic features included connected different videoconferencing platforms similar Zoom. For instance, adjacent month, attendees volition beryllium capable to respond successful meetings with emojis similar a thumbs-up oregon bosom emoji. Meet adjacent period volition besides connection picture-in-picture capabilities for users moving Chrome browsers. They'll beryllium capable to spot up to 4 video tiles of gathering attendees successful a floating model connected apical of different applications.

livestream-to-youtube-google-meet-3976x1776.png Google

Google besides announced improvements to Meet's livestreaming features. Currently, Google Meet users tin big meetings of up to 500 progressive attendees with the quality to livestream to audiences of up to 100,000 crossed trusted Google Workspace domains. Coming aboriginal this year, livestream attendees volition beryllium capable to enactment successful Q&A and polls. Additionally, aboriginal this year, Google volition alteration gathering hosts to watercourse meetings straight to YouTube from the Meet activities tab. 

There are besides coming improvements to Companion mode, which archetypal rolled retired to Google Meet successful November. Companion mode allows users to big oregon articulation a gathering from wrong a league country utilizing their laptops portion leveraging the in-room audio and video. This makes it easier to stock content, spot presentations up adjacent oregon usage different features conscionable arsenic distant attendees do. To amended the in-room experience, Google started rolling retired automatic sound cancellation connected each Google Meet hardware, including Logitech, Acer and Asus hardware. Later this year, radical successful league rooms volition besides beryllium capable to adhd their ain idiosyncratic video tile from Companion mode and their laptop cameras. 

Google is besides adding improvements to Spaces; the Workplace instrumentality introduced past year. Spaces let for real-time collaboration crossed projects and topics and crossed antithetic modalities, including email, Chat, and Meet. A speech could, for instance, commencement successful email but determination to a much collaborative abstraction similar Meet. 

Spaces volition connection inline threading successful the coming weeks -- a apical petition from endeavor customers. Google is besides making Spaces much sharable and discoverable. Last week the institution enabled users to invitation others to articulation a Space via a shared link, and aboriginal this year, they volition alteration users to hunt and articulation Spaces crossed an organization. They're besides improving hunt wrong Chat and Spaces to aboveground applicable files and conversations. Google is besides expanding the squad size limits of Spaces from 400 to 8,000. It volition summation to 25,000 by the extremity of this year.

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