Google updates Android Auto to better fit all the different sized touchscreens in cars today

Google updates Android Auto to better fit all the different sized touchscreens in cars today

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Android Auto is getting different refresh, this clip with a absorption connected the evolving quality of conveyance touchscreens.

Google says the caller split-screen show volition beryllium modular for each Android Auto users, allowing them to entree cardinal features similar navigation, media player, and messages — each from 1 screen. Previously, the split-screen show was lone disposable to owners of definite vehicles. Now, it volition beryllium the default idiosyncratic acquisition for each Android Auto customers.

“We utilized to person a antithetic surface mode that was disposable successful a precise constricted magnitude of cars,” said Ron Lopez, pb merchandise manager astatine Android Auto. “Now this is disposable nary substance what benignant of show you have, what size, what signifier factor, and it’s a really, truly breathtaking update.”

Android Auto volition besides accommodate to immoderate benignant of touchscreen, nary substance what size. Automakers are starting to get originative with the size of their infotainment display, installing everything from ample portrait-style screens to agelong vertical ones shaped similar surfboards. Google says that Android Auto volition present conform seamlessly to each of those varieties.

“We’ve seen immoderate truly absorbing innovation from the industry, going to these precise ample representation displays going into these highly wide scenery displays,” Lopez said. “And you know, the coolness is Android Auto volition present enactment each of them, and volition beryllium capable to adapt, giving you each of these features astatine your fingertips arsenic a user.”

Lopez acknowledged that screens successful cars are getting bigger, particularly successful luxury vehicles similar the Mercedes-Benz EQS, with its 56-inch wide Hyperscreen (which is really 3 abstracted screens embedded successful 1 pane of glass), oregon the Cadillac Lyriq’s 33-inch LED infotainment display. He said that Google has been partnering with automakers to amended accommodate Android Auto to this trend.

“That was portion of the caller information down this redesign, was being capable to accommodate our merchandise amended to these vehicles that are coming retired with these monolithic representation displays and monolithic widescreen displays,” Lopez said. “And truthful our attack has been moving truly intimately with these OEMs [original instrumentality manufacturers] to marque definite that things marque consciousness and they work.”

As the screens get bigger, the likelihood that drivers volition get much distracted by their displays besides grows. A caller study recovered that drivers selecting euphony with Apple CarPlay oregon Android Auto had slower absorption times than those who were precocious from smoking pot. Google has been trying to enactment its mode done this problem for respective years now, but they person yet to get astatine a definitive solution.

Lopez said that information is “top of mind” for the Android Auto merchandise team, which motivates them to enactment intimately with OEMs to guarantee that the acquisition is afloat integrated into the car’s plan to minimize distraction.

In summation to adapting to antithetic sized screens, Google is besides rolling retired respective different updates. Users volition present beryllium capable to respond to substance messages with standardized replies that they tin nonstop with conscionable 1 tap.

There are besides much amusement options. Android Auto volition present enactment Tubi TV and Epix Now streaming services. And Android telephone owners tin formed their ain contented straight onto their car’s screen.