Google will send air raid alerts to Android phones in Ukraine

Google will send air raid alerts to Android phones in Ukraine

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Android users successful Ukraine volition get aerial raid alerts straight connected their phones earlier expected attacks hap adjacent them, Google announced today. In an updated blog post, the institution said it’s moving with the Ukrainian authorities to rotation retired an alert strategy for Android phones successful the country. The diagnostic was archetypal spotted by XDA-Developers.

“Tragically, millions of radical successful Ukraine present trust connected aerial onslaught alerts to effort to get to safety,” Google says successful the announcement. The Android pings volition beryllium based connected the alerts already being sent by the Ukrainian government, and it’s adapted from a strategy built for rapidly sending warnings astir earthquakes, according to Dave Burke, vice president of engineering for Android.

Google has already been highlighting the Ukrainian Alarm app connected the Google Play Store, which sends aerial raid notifications to Ukrainians successful regions with progressive alerts. The caller alerts strategy begins rolling retired contiguous and volition ramp up to each Android phones successful Ukraine successful the coming days, Burke says.

Since Russia’s penetration of Ukraine, Google has scaled backmost its beingness successful Russia, including pausing each advertisement sales and removing Russian state-funded media apps from Google Play successful Europe.

“The Russian penetration of Ukraine is some a calamity and a humanitarian catastrophe successful the making,” Google wrote connected March 1st. The institution said it was moving to “support radical successful Ukraine done our products, support against cybersecurity threats, aboveground high-quality, reliable accusation and guarantee the information and information of our colleagues and their families successful the region.”

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