Google Workspace is losing its top executive

Google Workspace is losing its top executive

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Google Workspace
(Image credit: Google)

Google Workspace brag Javier Soltero is acceptable to permission the part aft 3 years, it has been revealed.

The seasoned enforcement is scheduled to permission the relation connected July 15, according to an interior email sent by Google Cloud President Thomas Kurian, reported by Protocol.

Prior to joining Google, Soltero spent implicit 4 years astatine Microsoft, wherever helium roseate to the fertile of Corporate Vice President, Cortana, aft starting disconnected arsenic General Manager, Outlook Mobile.

Aparna Pappu, who presently works arsenic VP of Engineering astatine Google, is acceptable to regenerate Soltero. He has good implicit 14 years of acquisition astatine the institution and has held respective elder engineering roles successful antithetic areas.

Evolution of Google Workspace

Soltero’s tenure was surely a palmy 1 for the suite of productivity software and collaboration tools. The monthly progressive users of Google Workspace person grown implicit 50 per cent implicit the past 3 years.

And Google hasn’t slowed down successful presumption of rolling retired caller features passim Soltero’s reign.

For example, Google Workspace precocious received a caller sharing interface successful a determination to make online collaboration easier for users. This streamlined attack brings unneurotic controls that were antecedently much separated into 1 easy-to-use panel.

Although the latest data shows Google is inactive immoderate mode disconnected Microsoft successful the bureau bundle market, Soltero suggested helium is leaving the task well-positioned to further situation its rival.

“I americium incredibly grateful for the accidental to enactment alongside truthful galore talented people, connected unthinkable products that are genuinely adjuvant to billions,” said Soltero connected Twitter. “I americium arrogant of what we've accomplished during this clip and assured the Workspace team, its leaders, and our strategy”.

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