GTA 4 Definitive Edition is no more as Rockstar battles GTA 6 leaks

GTA 4 Definitive Edition is no more as Rockstar battles GTA 6 leaks

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GTA 4 Definitive Edition, an ambitious GTA mod task aimed astatine enhancing the sandbox game for PC, has been removed pursuing a DMCA takedown notice, arsenic Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar continues to conflict GTA 6 leaks.

Definitive Edition Project is an ongoing GTA-player-driven mod tract that provides show and ocular improvements to a scope of Rockstar games, including GTA 3, GTA: Vice City, San Andreas, and Bully. It has besides developed GTA 4: Definitive Edition, a postulation of extracurricular and custom-made mods disposable successful a azygous download, which intends to heighten the visuals of the 2008 open-world sequel portion besides addressing show issues related to the PC version.

However, arsenic Rockstar Games and steadfast Take-Two contend with leaked gameplay and details of Grand Theft Auto 6, Definitive Edition Project has received a DMCA announcement resulting successful GTA 4: Definitive Edition being removed from its website and Discord servers. The issuer of the DMCA is not stated, but the announcement states that the mod is “allegedly infringing connected the record creator’s copyright protection.”

Definitive Edition Project’s different downloads, which purpose to amended the 3D-era GTA trilogy, arsenic good arsenic The Warriors, Manhunt, and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, stay available. “No DMCA for the archetypal trilogy (yet), conscionable GTA 4,” says the project. “For present I deliberation the trilogy is safe. All GTA 4 links are removed from some our website and Discord.”

An official remaster of GTA 4 was reportedly antecedently successful improvement astatine Rockstar, but cancelled pursuing the reception of 2021’s Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition, alongside a planned remaster for the archetypal Red Dead Redemption. Despite the GTA 6 leaks, which revealed the adjacent crippled would beryllium acceptable successful Vice City, absorption connected robberies, and see some a antheral and pistillate protagonist, Rockstar says that the launch of the crippled volition not beryllium delayed.

Speaking of which, we person a batch of caller accusation regarding the GTA 6 merchandise date, facts, and details. You mightiness besides privation to instrumentality a look astatine immoderate of the best GTA 5 roleplay servers to assistance you get the astir from GTA Online, oregon possibly effort thing wholly antithetic from our usher to the best multiplayer games connected PC.