GTA 5 RP server for Lil Durk suspended as Rockstar cracks down on NFTs

GTA 5 RP server for Lil Durk suspended as Rockstar cracks down on NFTs

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The GTA 5 RP server for rapper Lil Durk has been suspended arsenic Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive ace down connected NFTs and cryptocurrency successful the sandbox game and GTA Online, and the satellite awaits the GTA 6 merchandise date.

In a recent statement, Rockstar Games’ steadfast Take-Two said that its “enforcement policy” would absorption connected the merchantability and instauration of loot boxes successful GTA 5, and instrumentality ineligible enactment against the speech of cryptocurrency and “crypto assets” specified arsenic NFTs. “Making caller games, stories, missions, oregon maps, oregon interfering with our authoritative multiplayer oregon online services,” could besides effect successful ineligible enactment from Take-Two, the steadfast says.

Lil Durk, who owns the grounds statement Only The Family, and has collaborated with different musicians including Drake, antecedently hosted a GTA 5 RP server called Trenches. The server hosted customized events and challenges for Grand Theft Auto players, arsenic good arsenic offering in-game items similar cars, houses, and precedence access. These could beryllium bought done the Only The Family, oregon ‘OFT Gaming’ website hosted connected Tebex, a webstore which allows the commercialized of virtual items.

A connection published by some Trenches and OFT connected November 20, however, explains that Lil Durk’s GTA 5 RP server had been asked to “cease each operations” to beryllium “reviewed by Take-Two and Rockstar”.

“We’ve been notified from the ineligible counsel of Take-Two Interactive Inc., the genitor institution of Rockstar Games Inc.,” the connection says. “We’ve been asked to cease each operations connected Trenches. With dense hearts, we received this quality which is unfortunate for our squad and astir importantly for our community. We person nary prime but to comply with their demands arsenic we mean to bash close by Take-Two and Rockstar. We volition beryllium moving with them to find an amicable solution to this matter.

“Sunday astatine 12AM,” the connection concludes, “servers volition beryllium taken down to beryllium reviewed by Take-Two and Rockstar”. It is unclear whether the suspension of Trenches is straight linked to Rockstar and Take-Two’s renewed policies regarding GTA Online. PCGamesN has contacted Rockstar and volition update this communicative with immoderate further information.

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