GTA 6 fan says they saw Rockstar game’s full story after taking peyote

GTA 6 fan says they saw Rockstar game’s full story after taking peyote

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The GTA 6 merchandise day is inactive shrouded successful mystery, but 1 Rockstar fans claims to person uncovered each the sandbox game’s secrets not via the caller GTA 6 leaks, but by taking a leafage from Michael, Trevor, and Franklin successful GTA 5, and inducing a psychedelic imaginativeness by utilizing peyote, a cactus works that is ineligible for america successful the US arsenic portion of definite spiritual ceremonies.

Allegedly — very allegedly — implicit the people of respective peyote-fuelled tone quests, GTA 6 Reddit idiosyncratic ChurchofGTA has witnessed each 88 of Grand Theft Auto 6’s communicative missions and each 1 of its cutscenes. In a bid of posts collectively titled “The VIsion”, ChurchofGTA outlines the open-world game’s prologue, cutscenes, and assorted cardinal communicative moments wherever players volition beryllium capable to determine connected however to implicit objectives.

Presumably referencing the collectible peyote plants successful GTA 5, ChurchofGTA outlines their spiritual procedure. “I took Rockstar’s proposal and took peyote each time for 7 days,” they explain, “and a portal opened up wherever I was capable to entree Gaia’s corporate consciousness and presumption a mentation of GTA 6.” In the archetypal outing, ChurchofGTA says they were lone capable to presumption the game’s opening and archetypal 22 missions earlier “the gateway closed”, but has subsequently updated their ethereal findings with caller GTA 6 visions.

“I person been VIgorously transcribing each ngo from The VIsion,” the Redditor explains, “but responsibilities connected our ain level of beingness person been preoccupying astir of my time.” In their astir caller post, ChurchofGTA goes connected to explicate missions fig “33 to 44”, which spot the subordinate allying with a biker pack to hijack immoderate trucks earlier attempting to consolidate power implicit the remainder of Vice City. Though the details successful The VIsion bash not look to lucifer the accusation from the caller GTA 6 leaks, ChurchofGTA does picture playing arsenic 2 antithetic characters, a antheral and a woman, and says that “the characters from the leaks look successful missions 48, 49, and 50 of The VIsion.”

“I had the VIsion months ago,” they continue. “I had already told immoderate radical astir those missions, I conscionable hadn’t transcribed them to Reddit yet. In The VIsion, these 2 [Jason and Lucia, the characters seen successful the leaks] are conscionable broadside characters, not the protagonists.”

Of course, it volition beryllium fascinating to spot if thing from ChurchofGTA matches the last game. Until then, you mightiness privation to scrutinise their findings alongside our usher to the GTA 6 merchandise day rumours, news, and speculation. You tin besides cheque retired guides to immoderate of the different best upcoming PC games, oregon possibly the best RP servers for GTA Online, if you privation to compression the past retired of GTA 5.

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