GTA Online Prize Ride challenge and rewards

GTA Online Prize Ride challenge and rewards

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Want to cognize astir the GTA Online Prize Ride challenge? The Los Santos Tuners update introduced plentifulness of caller content, each focused connected the city’s underground tuner scene. There’s a caller ‘social space’, called the LS Car Meet, wherever you tin amusement disconnected your souped-up cars, contention with chap gearheads, and instrumentality connected jobs – here’s how to articulation the LS Car Meet successful the Los Santos Tuners update.

If you privation to cognize what the GTA Prize Ride reward is, determination are immoderate different things you request to cognize first. Throughout your clip spent successful the Car Meet, you tin level up your estimation and unlock caller benefits arsenic you progress. There’s besides a immense Test Track wrong the warehouse, wherever you tin effort retired Test Rides – a large accidental to instrumentality antithetic vehicles for a spin.

Becoming an LS Car Meet subordinate sets you backmost $50,000 in-game bucks, but it grants you entree to a clump of underground shops – the Merch Shop, Tattoo Shop, and a Modding Area wherever you tin tweak your car successful existent time. At higher levels, you tin make your ain customised country successful the Car Meet, called a Private Takeover. LS Car Meet members tin besides vie successful Prize Ride challenges, successful bid to beryllium successful with a accidental to triumph a Prize Ride.

GTA Prize Ride situation and reward

The GTA Prize Ride reward from March 24 to 31 is the Sentinel XS. To triumph it, place in the apical 5 successful 2 pursuit races.

There are assorted races disposable connected and disconnected the Test Track, including:

  • Head-to-Head – a one-on-one ‘short format race’
  • Scramble – up to 4 players contention to cod 20 checkpoints
  • Time Trials
  • Street Race Series
  • Pursuit Series – a much unfastened race, wherever you tin instrumentality aggregate antithetic routes
  • Sprint – a constituent to constituent situation against up to 3 others

If you privation the accidental to get your hands connected a shiny caller ride, here’s the existent GTA Online podium car, as good arsenic each the Los Santos Tuners cars.

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