GTA San Andreas and 4 other VR games to expect at the Meta Quest Gaming showcase

GTA San Andreas and 4 other VR games to expect at the Meta Quest Gaming showcase

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Meta has announced that it volition beryllium hosting its 2nd Meta Quest Gaming Showcase connected April 20.

The lawsuit volition item respective caller games and updates coming to the Meta Quest 2 level successful the adjacent future, though we mightiness already person a bully thought of what fans tin expect to see.

Based connected the reveals that came from Meta’s erstwhile showcases, arsenic good arsenic Quest 2 games that person been announced astatine events and successful property releases much recently, we’ve picked retired six titles that are apt to get immoderate surface time.

From GTA San Andreas VR to Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom, we deliberation determination volition beryllium thing for everybody erstwhile April 20 rolls around.

GTA San Andreas VR 

The biggest uncover from past October’s Oculus Connect event was the uncover that GTA San Andreas is getting a VR larboard exclusively for the Quest platform. 

Man successful  achromatic  vest sat connected  apical  of a reddish  car

(Image credit: Rockstar)

While we didn’t get immoderate gameplay footage, the precocious prime of Resident Evil 4 VR has near fans hopeful that yet different gaming classical volition beryllium likewise recreated successful this caller medium.

Six months aft its reveal, we consciousness that it’s clip for Meta to springiness america astatine slightest a sensation of what we tin expect from San Andres VR. However, portion a gameplay trailer feels similar a near-certainty we aren’t expecting a merchandise day astatine this time.

We mightiness beryllium proven wrong, but fixed the scope of GTA San Andreas, we expect the VR larboard volition request rather a spot of clip to get right.

Among Us VR 

The hugely fashionable societal deduction crippled was revealed to beryllium getting a VR larboard during the 2021 Game Awards, and it sounds similar we’ll beryllium getting a fewer much details astatine the upcoming Meta showcase.

That’s due to the fact that InnerSloth, the creators of Among Us, has confirmed connected Twitter that it’ll beryllium astatine the April lawsuit with “new legume footage.” Most apt this means we’ll get a look astatine tasks, movement, and possibly immoderate Crewmate roles.

heads up Crewmates, we're gonna beryllium successful the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase!✅ april 20✅ caller legume footage✖ nary Impostors alloweddon't miss this exigency gathering 30, 2022

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A committedness of gameplay footage and small other implies we whitethorn not get a merchandise day rather yet, but the squad could astonishment us. 

Among Us VR is simply a collaboration betwixt InnerSloth and Schell Games (I Expect You to Die, Lost Recipes). There’s a batch of endowment moving connected this title, truthful we’re incredibly excited to spot what they amusement off.

Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom 

Fans of the amusement volition beryllium chomping astatine the spot for Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom news, and the Meta Quest Gaming showcase volition beryllium a large clip for Maze Theory to marque an announcement.

The developers person already said a batch astir what players tin expect erstwhile the crippled drops aboriginal this year, but truthful acold we haven’t seen overmuch gameplay. Plus, portion Maze Theory has confirmed a 2022 release, it’s remained tight-lipped erstwhile asked to supply a steadfast date.

 The King's Ransom

(Image credit: Maze Theory)

The Meta Quest Gaming showcase volition supply it a large accidental to yet unveil gameplay footage, and possibly adjacent a coagulated merchandise day for erstwhile Quest 2 players tin effort the crippled retired for themselves.

Beat Saber updates

These showcases don’t conscionable uncover all-new games, they springiness fans a accidental to find retired astir updates to their favourite titles too.

One of the astir fashionable VR games is Beat Saber, and past October Meta teased immoderate caller contented - with a hardly 10-second clip showing a unusual sword plan slicing done a azygous block.

Most of the predictions are that it’s teasing a caller run mode oregon improved customization options - possibly to assistance players find a much unsocial benignant successful multiplayer arsenic VR embraces the metaverse.

Beat Games has released respective updates to its crippled since the announcement - including a Fall Out Boy euphony pack - but the odd-looking sword has yet to amusement up. We consciousness similar the upcoming showcase would beryllium the cleanable clip to alteration that and yet archer fans what was teased past year.

Pistol Whip developer’s adjacent game 

Less of a prediction and much of a anticipation connected our part, is that Cloudhead Games mightiness sermon its caller “next-gen VR” title.

It lone just announced that it was moving connected the crippled - truthful improvement apt isn’t excessively acold on - but fixed however unthinkable Pistol Whip is we’re already hopeless to find retired much astir what Cloudhead Games has up its sleeve.

Most interestingly, successful the blog station announcement determination is immoderate unusual formatting successful the sentence: “We Are excited to Announce thAt we’ve begun enactment connected caller next-gen VR titles with deeper scope and vision.”

The determination to capitalize and bolden 3 As has led galore to speculate that Cloudhead is processing what it sees arsenic a AAA crippled - a designation fixed to expansive and well-funded hits similar Elden Ring, Pokemon Legends Arceus, and Horizon Forbidden West.

If it’s right, Cloudhead’s adjacent crippled could go the caller best VR game retired determination - though we’ll person to hold and spot what it announces beryllium it astatine April’s showcase oregon astatine an lawsuit successful the future.

Whatever is announced astatine the Meta Quest Gaming showcase you tin beryllium definite that we'll beryllium present bringing you each the latest astir the games headed to the Quest 2. 

On April 20 astatine 10am PST (6pm BST, April 20 / 4am AEST connected April 21) cheque backmost present for our thoughts connected the biggest reveals. Plus, you tin caput to Meta's FacebookYouTube, oregon Twitch leafage to drawback the lawsuit for yourself.

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