Halo Infinite is getting some serious progression changes

Halo Infinite is getting some serious progression changes

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Since its launch, players person had an contented with Halo Infinite‘s progression system. They weren’t leveling up accelerated capable and XP was being doled retired based connected winning oregon losing matches and completing challenges, not show similar past entries successful the franchise. While developer 343 Industries has tackled immoderate of these issues, a new blog post connected Halo Waypoint revealed that it has overmuch larger changes for the game’s progression successful motion.

In the post, which 343 described arsenic a 2nd portion to past week’s Outcomes report, the developer goes implicit its plans for Halo Infinite that agelong beyond the game’s 2nd play of content. Namely, the station includes announcements that the developer is moving connected some a “career progression” strategy arsenic good arsenic a displacement successful however XP is paid retired aft matches. The vocation progression strategy would beryllium abstracted from the conflict walk that players presently advancement through, though players won’t spot it immoderate clip soon. The diagnostic is presently “in the plan phase” and volition “take immoderate time.” Based connected the studio’s vague statement though, it seems similar multiplayer ranks from past Halo titles whitethorn beryllium reappearing in Halo Infinite.

Players’ feedback connected XP being doled retired based connected show has besides been taken into relationship astatine 343. Currently, the lone ways to advancement done Halo Infinite‘s conflict walk are to implicit in-game challenges oregon implicit a match. How galore kills a subordinate gets oregon however agelong they play an nonsubjective doesn’t travel into account. According to 343, that volition alteration erstwhile per-match XP launches sometime this year.

It’s not wide erstwhile these changes oregon immoderate of the others listed successful today’s station connected Halo Waypoint, volition beryllium implemented, though they’ll astir apt get aft the commencement of Halo Infinite‘s 2nd season. Titled Lone Wolves, Season 2 of Halo Infinite will present a suite of equilibrium changes arsenic good arsenic 2 caller maps to the game.

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