Halo Infinite’s multiplayer originally looked similar to Overwatch

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer originally looked similar to Overwatch

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A radical  of Spartans successful  Halo Infinite dressed successful  armour of antithetic  colours lasting  successful  a line
(Image credit: 343 Industries)

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer was primitively prototyped arsenic a leader shooter that included PvP and PvE features, earlier the thought was scrapped successful favour of the game’s existent online build.

That’s according to Bloomberg newsman Jason Schreier, who confirmed on Reddit that developer 343 Industries was astatine 1 constituent moving connected aggregate prototype builds for Halo Infinite that included leader shooter features.

His comments were made successful effect to YouTuber Chris Ray Gun, who suggested connected Twitter that the workplace had primitively developed Halo Infinite’s multiplayer to beryllium akin to Overwatch, earlier pivoting to the physique that made its mode to the last game.

“This was really chopped from my nonfiction precocious past twelvemonth - yes, 343 spent a portion prototyping a hero-based system,” Schreier said.

“I don't retrieve precisely erstwhile they switched to the existent version… but I tin corroborate that they were moving connected assorted hero-based prototypes. In fact, I deliberation determination were some PvP and PvE prototypes built.”

Well I worked and shipped the game. So determination is nary leak. We prototyped a clump of worldly arsenic we worked connected the crippled which is ne'er wasted time. But the mode it’s being spun is ace inaccurate. It was successful the clip allotted for the crippled to spell done those plan cycles.April 24, 2022

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Schreier said Chris Ray Gun’s archetypal tweet, which claims 343 Industries spent fractional the game’s improvement clip prototyping the leader shooter physique earlier yet scrapping it, is “exaggerated to the constituent wherever it's mostly false”. 

That’s corroborated by Twitter idiosyncratic Robeytech (Justin Robey) – who is credited arsenic elder insights task manager connected Halo Infinite, and said the leader shooter prototypes were among respective plan ideas that ne'er made it into afloat release.

“We prototyped a clump of worldly arsenic we worked connected the crippled which is ne'er wasted time,” they said. “But the mode it’s being spun [by Chris Ray Gun] is ace inaccurate. It was successful the clip allotted for the crippled to spell done those plan cycles.

“It’s however you innovate and effort caller ideas. You can’t cognize it’s bully until you effort it,” they continued.

Halo infinite Tactical Ops Challenge

(Image credit: Bungie)

Change of plans

The thought that 343 Industries had tested the waters of a Halo leader shooter gives america an absorbing look down the curtain. Halo Infinite’s multiplayer could person been a precise antithetic beast if it followed successful the footsteps of Overwatch and Valorant, mounting itself up arsenic an Overwatch 2 rival alternatively than carving retired a abstraction among accepted shooters and Halo fans.

As Robey highlights, it's par for the people for improvement studios to trial tons of plan ideas that ne'er extremity up successful the last game. Prototyping respective builds allows developers to effort retired a scope of gameplay concepts, iterate upon them, and fine-tune them without sinking truthful galore resources into a azygous 1 that the wider improvement docket suffers from mislaid resources.

Halo Infinite’s improvement rhythm hasn’t been smooth, though. The crippled was delayed for a twelvemonth aft its archetypal gameplay uncover was poorly received by audiences, ample gameplay features similar run co-op and Forge mode are yet to beryllium rolled out, and players person voiced their disappointment that staple Halo crippled modes – including King of the Hill – weren't included successful the game’s multiplayer astatine launch.

Some of those concerns volition apt beryllium alleviated aboriginal adjacent period erstwhile Halo Infinite’s 2nd season – Lone Wolves – releases. It volition present a batch of caller maps, a caller conflict walk system, and the Last Spartan Standing mode, which looks similar to a conflict royale.

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