Halo Infinite’s network co-op test is now live

Halo Infinite’s network co-op test is now live

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Halo Infinite’s web run co-op trial formation is yet live, developer 343 Industries announced Friday. As portion of the test, you’ll beryllium capable to play the run with up to 3 of your friends, and the crippled supports crossplay crossed Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and PC. The trial besides includes a ngo replay feature, which wasn’t included with the crippled astatine launch.

Before you leap onto Zeta Halo with your friends, you should cognize that you’ll beryllium starting the run from scratch successful this test. Any advancement you’ve made successful the retail physique of the crippled won’t transportation over, and thing you execute successful the trial won’t amusement up successful your retail build, either. But if it’s been a portion since you played done Halo Infinite’s campaign, starting caller with your pals could beryllium a amusive crushed to revisit the game.

343 Industries elaborate what you tin expect successful the trial successful an extended blog station last month, and the developer besides has a dedicated enactment leafage for the formation connected its website. Note that players connected Steam volition lone beryllium capable to effort the trial if they’ve received an invite.

343 Industries originally aimed to motorboat the trial the week of July 11th, and portion that technically happened, it’s inactive a spot aboriginal than you mightiness person hoped. The trial ends connected August 1st astatine 1PM ET. We don’t cognize precisely erstwhile run co-op oregon ngo replay volition beryllium officially released, but 343 Industries said it’s targeting “late August” successful a roadmap published in April. Timing for split-screen co-op was listed connected that roadmap arsenic “TBD.”