Hands On: Is Oppo's Find X5 Pro Bad News for OnePlus?

Hands On: Is Oppo's Find X5 Pro Bad News for OnePlus?

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Oppo, the world's 4th astir fashionable telephone brand, launched its latest flagship, the Find X5 Pro, connected Wednesday. You can't bargain the telephone successful the US, but it's apt an denotation of what's adjacent from OnePlus, which is slowly folding into Oppo (and which does merchantability phones stateside).

While the Find X5 Pro sports a superb design, a top-notch screen, accelerated charging, and coagulated artillery life, its bundle is an irritating, buggy mess, with capable bloatware to marque US telephone carriers blanch. Perhaps astir notably, its ColorOS bundle rejects everything OnePlus has stood for implicit the years—namely innovation, speed, and "burdenlessness."

PCMag's reappraisal process isn't compatible with utilizing a non-US telephone arsenic a regular driver, but I wanted to cognize what the Find X5 Pro was like, truthful I swapped successful my SIM and trialed it implicit the agelong Presidents' Day weekend. I don't program to afloat reappraisal and complaint this phone, fto unsocial execute each the accustomed battery, performance, and camera tests I bash with others, but I've compiled my impressions of the Find X5 Pro aft a fewer days of use.

The Good Things...

The Find X5 Pro is gorgeous, without looking similar an Apple oregon Samsung phone. Its glossy ceramic backmost sheet meets a precise saturated 6.7-inch, 120Hz surface connected the front. The contouring of the camera bump makes it easier to hold; it feels little chunky than the Samsung Galaxy S22+, for example, which uses hard-edge cutouts for its cameras. The telephone recalls the stylings of Alan Tudyk's robot quality from I, Robot, if that makes immoderate sense.

Camera bump

That ceramic backmost and camera bump are thing truly special

The 10-bit, WQHD+ colour surface is an implicit pleasance to look astatine some indoors and outside. The Hasselblad-branded camera app is reliable, fast, and responsive. And the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor performs much similar the 1 successful the Galaxy S22+, based connected archetypal benchmarks.

Perhaps the biggest delight present is the battery. The telephone uses a immense 5,000mAh compartment and supports super-fast charging (80W wired, 50W wirelessly). It worked good with a OnePlus Fast charger I already had, and I didn't accent astir moving the artillery down each weekend.

The telephone doesn't enactment 5G successful the US (more connected this below), but I experienced fantabulous speeds implicit 4G.

If this wherever the communicative ended, I'd person precocious hopes for OnePlus' quality to antagonistic Samsung this year. Unfortunately, the phone's bundle is simply a large disappointment.

...And the Bad

Before we get into the software, I should enactment that if you're reasoning astir buying the Find X5 Pro connected the grey marketplace successful the US, you should cognize that it doesn't enactment 5G connectivity here. I didn't get 5G astatine immoderate constituent connected T-Mobile's web successful testing. The telephone supports the requisite frequence bands, but the carriers look to present power entree via a database of allowed devices, and this telephone isn't connected it. I program connected penning a file raging against this signifier soon, truthful enactment tuned.

4G icon

The surface is beautiful, but that 4G icon shows a large crushed Americans shouldn't import this phone

Now, I've heard a batch of disapproval of Oppo's ColorOS from radical who don't privation OnePlus to spell successful this direction, but I didn't recognize their complaints until I spent a play with the Find X5 Pro.

Smart Android skins, similar those from Motorola and OnePlus, optimize performance, springiness you configuration options without shoving them successful your face, and don't messiness with Google's apps. ColorOS parties similar it's 2015, loading the telephone down with much bloatware and redundant apps than a bearer preload squad does, changing each icon conscionable due to the fact that it can, and reintroducing failed UI ideas, similar getting escaped of the app drawer by default. Everything is overcomplicated and hard to navigate.


The magnitude of bloatware connected this telephone perfectly blows my mind

ColorOS is unequivocally bad, and I've heard OnePlus is going to marque its existent bundle much similar this, alternatively than Oppo adopting the OnePlus bundle plan philosophies. Needless to say, I'm truly disquieted astir this change.

Aside from the plan issues, ColorOS is besides conscionable buggy. Two antithetic pairs of Bluetooth headphones wouldn't enactment connected. When I pressed the strategy Back fastener successful a Facebook connection thread, the telephone discontinue the app. Oppo says bundle updates are coming, truthful I'm little disquieted astir bugs than I americium astir the drawback container consciousness of ColorOS.

Camera app

The Hasselblad-branded camera app is the aforesaid 1 OnePlus uses now

Camera-wise, the Hasselblad tuning doesn't bash it for me—it makes everything look level and either bluish oregon yellow. I cognize immoderate radical similar a much close colour profile, but I've ever liked Samsung's amped-up colors.

I'm shocked to find a specified 2x zoom camera connected this flagship Android phone. I went to spot the presumption from my dad's caller flat this play (it's amazing), and I wished I had the Galaxy S22 Ultra, with its 10x zoom, successful my pouch alternatively of the Find X5 Pro.

River view

The presumption of the stream present is amazing, but I privation much zoom

And, though the telephone claims to person AI-enhanced low-light features based connected Oppo's caller MariSilicon processor, the low-light household photos I took look yellowish and gloomy; people's hands endure from question blur, too.

You Definitely Don't Need the Find X5 Pro (Especially successful the US)

I don't yet cognize the authoritative terms for the Oppo Find X5 Pro, but I've heard it's going to outgo arsenic overmuch arsenic the $999 Samsung Galaxy S22+. And astatine that price, it conscionable doesn't rather compete. For Oppo to play here, it needs to portion its bloated Android tegument down to the studs, for starters. A amended zoom camera lens would besides help. Of course, you shouldn't bargain this telephone if you program to usage it successful the US for different reasons arsenic well, but based connected my clip with it, I'd accidental stateside users person nary crushed to conifer aft the Find X5 Pro successful general. I conscionable anticipation it isn't a preview of what to expect from OnePlus.