Harvestella Jobs guide: How to unlock, how to upgrade, and more

Harvestella Jobs guide: How to unlock, how to upgrade, and more

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Jon Bitner

By November 21, 2022 6:30AM

The combat strategy is Harvestella is astir wholly powered by Jobs. Whether you’re looking to hack distant with a gigantic sword oregon support your region portion casting spells, you’ll request to maestro the Job strategy if you’re hoping to find success. There’s a batch of flexibility to the system, though it mightiness beryllium hard for newcomers to wrapper their heads astir each its nuances.

Here’s a person look astatine the Jobs successful Harvestella, on with however they work, however to unlock them, and however to level them up.

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What are Jobs successful Harvestella?

A Harvestella subordinate    engaged successful  combat.

Jobs are fundamentally classes that connection unsocial skills and attributes during combat. Some excel astatine close-range combat and dealing occurrence damage, portion others are utilized to sling spells from a distance. Only 1 Job (Fighter) volition beryllium disposable to you astatine the commencement of the game, though you’ll rapidly unlock much arsenic you play done the main story. You’ll besides summation the quality to swap betwixt them successful the mediate of combat to summation the precocious hand.

How to usage Jobs successful Harvestella

The Job paper   successful  Harvestella.

Once you’ve unlocked a Job, you’ll request to delegate it to your quality earlier you tin usage it. This tin beryllium done by pausing the crippled and heading to the Party menu. From here, simply prime your character, past item 1 of the 3 Job slots astatine the bottommost of the screen. You’ll past person the enactment to delegate a Job to 1 of these slots.

With your Jobs equipped, you’ll present person entree to them portion successful combat. Keep successful caput that some your Job Skills and the Jobs themselves transportation cooldowns. For example, if you are playing arsenic a Mage and power to Fighter, the Mage Job volition beryllium locked for a fewer seconds, preventing you from utilizing it. There’s besides a cooldown for each skill. This makes it important to program retired your strategy up of time, arsenic there’s thing worse than having to hold for a cooldown timer earlier switching backmost to a Job you request oregon a accomplishment you’d similar to use.

Jobs tin besides beryllium upgraded to marque them much effective. As you slay enemies, you’ll accrue Job Points (JP). These are exchanged for caller skills and passive abilities successful the Job menu. Instead of having 1 ample excavation of JP, each idiosyncratic Job has its ain excavation of JP. In different words, the much you usage a circumstantial Job, the faster you tin level it up.

All disposable Jobs successful Harvestella

A subordinate    casting a spell successful  Harvestella.

Harvestella lets you unlock Jobs by improving your narration with definite characters. Here’s a person look astatine Jobs successful Harvestella and however to gain them.

  • Fighter: a close-range people that fights with a sword and inflicts Fire damage; unlocked automatically.
  • Mage: a ranged people that deals Ice and Lightning damage; unlocked aft a Higan Canyon brag fight.
  • Assault Savant: Deal Sage oregon Crushing harm astatine will. Unlocked by improving narration with Aria.
  • Avenger: Use ranged attacks for Ice and Fire damage. Unlocked by improving narration with Brakka.
  • Sky Lancer: Deal Wind harm a spear. Unlocked by improving narration with Asyl.
  • Shadow Walker: Wield dual blades for accelerated attacks. Unlocked by improving narration with Istina.
  • Mechanic: support people that uses carnal attacks; unlocked by improving narration with Heine.
  • Pilgrim: Use some warring and magic skills. Unlocked by improving narration with Shrika.
  • Woglinde: support people that uses long-ranged magic; unlocked by improving narration with Emo.
  • Lunamancer: Casts AoE attacks to destruct groups. Unlocked by improving narration with Dianthus.

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