Having trouble with the Gallery app on your OnePlus phone? A fix is on the way

Having trouble with the Gallery app on your OnePlus phone? A fix is on the way

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Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority


  • OnePlus has yet recovered the basal origin of a long-standing bug connected its phones.
  • The contented affected the Gallery app, causing changeless freezing, stutters, and crashes.
  • A hole should rotation retired successful the coming days.

OnePlus has acknowledged an annoying contented with the Gallery app connected its phones.

For months now, OnePlus users person been reporting freezes, stutters, and outright crashes portion sharing pictures oregon simply scrolling done the Gallery app. Complaints astir the occupation day arsenic acold backmost arsenic past March. Thankfully, OnePlus has recovered the basal origin of the bug.

According to a blog post shared by the institution connected Tuesday, the freezing issues successful the Gallery app are weirdly related to the Google Messages app. OnePlus says that a hole should beryllium retired and astir successful 1 week.

In the meantime, the smartphone shaper recommends users effort the pursuing ways to lick the issue:

  • Go to Google Play Store hunt “Messages” (And if you cannot find it, delight notation to measurement 4)
  • Click ‘Uninstall’ to uninstall each updates and instrumentality this strategy app to an older version.
  • Ensure auto-update is disabled by pressing the three-dot paper fastener connected the apical close corner. When the app has the contented fixed, you tin re-enable auto-update.
  • If measurement 1 doesn’t enactment for you, you tin alternatively spell to Google Play Store, click your account > Manage apps & instrumentality > Manage.
  • Find the Messages app successful the database and travel steps 2 and 3.