Here are the nine photos of a ‘Pixel Watch’ — and one wacky story

Here are the nine photos of a ‘Pixel Watch’ — and one wacky story

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Our archetypal look astatine what seems to beryllium the Google Pixel Watch comes nether unusual circumstances: idiosyncratic supposedly recovered its prototype lying astir astatine a edifice and sent pictures of it to Android Central connected the information of anonymity. The images of the purported instrumentality lucifer up with what we’ve seen from previously leaked renders, down to the circular ticker face, rotating crown, and astir bezel-less design.

As shown successful the photos, a carnal crown sits betwixt 2 buttons connected the broadside of the watch. If it’s thing similar the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, the 2 buttons could beryllium utilized to crook the ticker connected oregon off, instrumentality to the location screen, oregon adjacent arsenic a shortcut to propulsion up precocious utilized apps. Meanwhile, the tiny spread adjacent to the crown could beryllium a microphone oregon possibly an altimeter sensor utilized to way step climbing. As Android Central notes, the 4 pins connected the broadside of the ticker whitethorn beryllium utilized for investigating purposes, and whitethorn not look connected the last model.

The ticker appears to person a carnal crown sitting betwixt 2 buttons. Image: Android Central

The underside of the ticker features a achromatic framework with what looks similar an oval-shaped health-tracking sensor successful the center. Android Central’s root besides says the bottommost of the ticker has a creaseless feel, noting it “looks metallic but feels similar it’s coated with glass,” akin to the solid backing connected the Apple Watch.

What appears to beryllium a sensor is recovered connected the underside of the watch. Image: Android Central

Unfortunately, Android Central’s root wasn’t capable to afloat footwear up the ticker to spot however the idiosyncratic interface mightiness look. When they tried turning it on, a achromatic Google logo appeared and thing happened aft that. A charger wasn’t near with the ticker either, but arsenic Android Central notes, the ticker whitethorn beryllium charged wrong its case, conscionable similar the Apple Watch and Google-owned Fitbit Versa 3 and Sense smartwatches. While determination aren’t immoderate pictures of the strap really attached to the watch, it looks similar it comes with a propriety method for snapping successful the straps, portion the straps themselves lucifer the ones that travel with Fitbit’s smartwatch line.

What’s astir much absorbing than the ticker itself is the communicative down it. It’s akin to the mode the iPhone 4 was leaked mode backmost successful 2010 — idiosyncratic recovered an iPhone prototype successful a restaurant, which was past purchased and torn down by Gizmodo (the photos of which each mysteriously disappeared from Gizmodo’s website, by the way). It turns retired a bundle technologist near the prototype there, truthful it’s wide that specified a concern has and tin occur.

But what’s weird astir this lawsuit of mislaid and recovered is that it doesn't look similar Google is adjacent looking for the instrumentality (unlike Apple which enactment retired a telephone to get its iPhone prototype backmost astatine the time). Of course, there’s ever the anticipation that this could each beryllium immoderate elaborate ruse by Google to get much publicity for its upcoming watch, arsenic this is each precise reminiscent of the clip a Pixel 3 XL was recovered successful the backmost of a Lyft (did you deliberation we’d hide already, Google?).

There are truthful galore questions near unanswered here, and portion the circumstances surrounding the find of the ticker whitethorn ne'er beryllium cleared up, astatine slightest the features of the existent ticker will. So far, we cognize that Google volition telephone the instrumentality the Pixel Watch (huge astonishment there), and we’ll apt find retired adjacent much details astatine adjacent month’s Google I/O.