Here's how to get iOS updates weeks early - but also why you shouldn't

Here's how to get iOS updates weeks early - but also why you shouldn't

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iPhone 13 mini
An iPhone 13 mini (Image credit: TechRadar)

iOS updates are a regular occurrence, but if you’re waiting for your telephone to automatically update past you’ll often beryllium getting those updates a batch aboriginal than you could beryllium doing – successful immoderate cases weeks later.

If you privation to get the latest versions of iOS a batch faster, past you should alternatively caput to Settings > General > Software Update arsenic soon arsenic they're available. If your mentation of iOS isn’t already up to date, past you’ll find the latest mentation there, adjacent if your iPhone hasn’t yet alerted you to it.

That mode you tin bask caller and improved features, bug fixes, and different changes a full batch faster. But there’s a crushed Apple doesn’t alert users to updates consecutive away.

According to Craig Federighi (Apple’s elder VP of bundle engineering) successful reply to an email astir this from Reddit idiosyncratic Mateusz Buda, the crushed for the hold successful auto-updates (which helium says typically get 1-4 weeks later) is truthful that idiosyncratic feedback tin beryllium obtained earlier each azygous idiosyncratic gets the update.

In different words then, those who question retired the update successful the Settings surface to get it archetypal volition apt emblem immoderate bugs oregon different issues that they have, that Apple mightiness person missed successful its interior tests. The institution tin past - if indispensable - hold oregon propulsion the update to hole those problems earlier the auto-update kicks in.

Although not stated by Federighi, it’s apt that this staged attack besides lightens the load connected Apple’s servers and ensures updates don’t instrumentality an property to download.

Analysis: auto-update is the safer option

Given this explanation, it seems that auto-update is arguably the much sensible mechanics to use, arsenic you’re little apt to brushwood bugs that way.

Sure, Apple irons retired astir of the bugs earlier it seeds the update to anyone, but it's intolerable to drawback them all. Indeed, determination person been nary shortage of iOS bugs implicit the years, and you’re much apt to debar these if you don’t drawback an update connected time one.

If the strategy is moving arsenic seemingly intended past the update won’t beryllium sent to your telephone until Apple has learned of and fixed these user-reported issues.

But it besides means that you excessively person the accidental to beryllium alerted to immoderate issues (such arsenic those reported connected TechRadar and connected forums) earlier you download the update. You tin past take to hold updating until you cognize the problems person been fixed.

Obviously, the lure of caller features tin beryllium hard to resist, but surely for smaller updates determination needn’t beryllium immoderate hurry to drawback them.

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