Here’s one final look at the Cadillac Celestiq before its full reveal

Here’s one final look at the Cadillac Celestiq before its full reveal

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Cadillac is offering 1 last teaser of the Cadillac Celestiq up of its afloat uncover aboriginal this week. The ultra-luxe EV volition soon articulation the Lyriq and go the 2nd afloat EV to vessel retired of GM’s luxury division, though the Celestiq is expected to beryllium successful a people of its ain with a terms that could commencement astir the $300,000 range with a 500-units-per-year accumulation target.

“Every Celestiq volition beryllium instantly identifiable arsenic 1 of a kind, giving each lawsuit a idiosyncratic transportation to Cadillac’s newest flagship,” said Cadillac’s plan manager for the Celestiq, Erin Crossley. The EV volition beryllium hand-built astatine GM’s planetary method halfway successful Warren, Michigan, with “globally sourced parts.”

The Celestiq is built connected GM’s flexible Ultium EV architecture, the aforesaid level that enables a targeted EPA scope of implicit 300 miles for the now-in-production Cadillac Lyriq and is besides utilized successful the GMC Hummer and BrightDrop transportation vehicles. What’ll acceptable the Celestiq isolated from its cousins is its caller Ultra SuperCruise autonomous driving tech powered by Qualcomm, which volition play a relation successful the company’s lofty extremity of launching afloat autonomous vehicles by the mediate of the decade.

The Celestiq volition beryllium fully revealed via General Motors Design Instagram connected July 22nd astatine 9AM ET, though quality of its existent availability volition inactive travel later. For now, you tin check retired the erstwhile teaser images and besides cheque retired the automaker’s steering-wheel optional InnerSpace concept.

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