Here’s the memo Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal sent about firing execs and a hiring freeze

Here’s the memo Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal sent about firing execs and a hiring freeze

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On Thursday, Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal announced a fig of large shakeups wrong the institution successful an email to staff, including firing user merchandise person Kayvon Beykpour and caput of gross merchandise Bruce Falck. The institution is pausing astir hiring and pulling backmost connected spending successful astir areas, though it’s not presently readying immoderate layoffs.

It’s a strange, uneasy infinitesimal wrong Twitter, arsenic the institution prepares for Elon Musk’s $44 cardinal acquisition to adjacent aboriginal this fall. It’s not wholly wide wherefore Agrawal made this changes now, though, oregon however they subordinate to Musk’s acquisition. Twitter’s caller caput of merchandise is Jay Sullivan, an ex-Facebook manager who joined successful November. The institution is present opening its hunt for a caller of gross merchandise to regenerate Falck.

The Verge obtained the email Agrawal sent to unit astir the changes. Here it is successful its entirety.


Building Twitter and serving our customers astir the satellite is important yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Our intent is existential. During this clip of change, it’s captious that we proceed to fortify our enactment done accrued accountability and execution to marque Twitter everything it tin be. The priorities and decisions we marque present volition not lone bolster however we navigate done this time, but besides for the longer-term occurrence of Twitter which I attraction astir deeply. Some changes are happening to america and immoderate we volition drive. A fig of these changes are hard but they are close for Twitter and its future.


It’s captious to person the close leaders astatine the close time. Jay Sullivan, presently interim GM of Bluebird, has shown this powerfully. His merchandise vision, quality to inspire, determination rapidly and thrust alteration is what Twitter needs now, and successful the future. I person truthful decided to marque Jay the imperishable GM of Bluebird. With this change, Kayvon Beykpour volition beryllium leaving Twitter. Kayvon has been an astonishing person and unit astatine Twitter implicit the years with his founders mindset and heavy passionateness for the service. Under his leadership, our merchandise has evolved and grown meaningfully - I cognize I talk for each of america erstwhile I accidental we are profoundly grateful for his tremendous impact.

Over the past fig of months, I person besides gotten overmuch person to the gross merchandise enactment and judge that present too, we request to marque a enactment change. Bruce Falck volition beryllium departing Twitter and we volition beryllium opening the hunt for a caller GM of Goldbird. Bruce joined Twitter astatine a captious clip and has been a beardown collaborator, person and protagonist of the gross merchandise enactment and our purpose. Under his enactment we rebuilt our advertisement server and anchored the instauration for evolving our ads concern to beryllium much show based. In the interim, the Goldbird org reports to Jay Sullivan. His enactment volition beryllium precise meaningful done this transition.

Please articulation maine successful reasoning Kayvon and Bruce for everything they’ve done for Twitter.

Current environment

At the opening of the pandemic successful 2020, the determination was made to put aggressively to present large maturation an assemblage successful revenue, and arsenic a institution we did not deed intermediate milestones that alteration assurance successful these goals. More recently, the planetary macroeconomic situation has go little favorable, the warfare successful Ukraine has impacted our results, and whitethorn proceed to bash so. Many different companies person been experiencing a akin effect. And, of course, we are successful the mediate of an acquisition and we don’t yet cognize the timing of the close. In bid to responsibly negociate the enactment arsenic we sharpen our roadmaps and our work, we request to proceed to beryllium intentional astir our teams, hiring and costs.


Effective this week, we are pausing astir hiring and backfills, but for concern captious roles arsenic determined by Staff members successful concern with their HRBPs. We volition besides beryllium reviewing each extended offers to find criticality and those that should beryllium pulled back. We are not readying company-wide layoffs, but leaders volition proceed making changes to their organizations to amended efficiencies arsenic needed. As always, show absorption volition proceed to beryllium a precedence astatine this clip astatine each levels to guarantee we person the strongest teams possible.


We besides request to propulsion backmost connected non-labor costs to guarantee we are being liable and efficient. We are reducing contractor and consulting spend, question and events, marketing, our existent property footprint, connected premise and public-cloud related infrastructure spend, and different operational costs. Please proceed to dainty Twitter’s resources arsenic you would your own, and negociate tightly to your budgets, prioritizing what matters most.

As promised, I volition proceed to pass often and straight with each of you arsenic we proceed to determination forward. Next week, volition beryllium holding a virtual offsite with our Global Leadership Team (GLT) to thrust further cohesion and focus, and fortify our corporate plans to champion enactment each of you. We volition study retired the outputs of that gathering to you.

While we are successful a ton of alteration close now, historically, Twitter often is. What stays existent is our purpose, Twitter’s value and the criticality of our work, and however we travel together. Thank you for your leadership, your absorption and your enactment for 1 another.