Here's what Elden Ring looks like running on a Game Boy

Here's what Elden Ring looks like running on a Game Boy

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Elden Ring demake demo
(Image credit: shintendo)

Elden Ring mightiness beryllium among the astir critically acclaimed games to merchandise this year, but the burning questions that's decidedly connected everyone's caput remains: "why can't I play it connected the archetypal Game Boy?"

Worry nary more, arsenic an Elden Ring instrumentality has begun processing a 'demake' of the FromSoftware epic, scaling down the game's colossal unfastened satellite to acceptable connected Nintendo's breakout handheld. 

And the champion part? The developer, Shin, plans to person the Elden Ring demake playable connected existent hardware. That means if you've got an aged Game Boy lying around, you could beryllium playing the Elden Ring demake connected that arsenic opposed to an emulator connected PC.

Shin shared a impervious of conception for the demake implicit connected the Elden Ring subreddit (thanks, GamesRadar) wherever it rapidly went viral. The minute-long impervious of conception shows a recreation of Elden Ring's starting location, the Chapel of Anticipation, implicit with a brag combat with the Grafted Scion astatine the end. While the animations are rudimentary astatine this aboriginal stage, it's nevertheless an awesome conception that we're anxious to spot much of.

Development connected the Elden Ring demake sounds similar it's going smoothly, too, with Shin readying to person Limgrave — Elden Ring's introductory portion — completed by the extremity of May.

The entreaty of From Software demakes

Shin's effort astatine creating an Elden Ring demake for the Game Boy is incredibly impressive, but besides not the archetypal clip a instrumentality has taken to creating a retro mentation of a fashionable From Software title. 

Earlier this year, developer Lilith Walther released the finished mentation of Bloodborne PSX, a demake of the PS4 classical that emulates the look and consciousness of a PS1 game, implicit with relics similar texture warping and muffled dependable design. A humorous follow-up, Bloodborne Kart, is besides successful improvement close now.

There's intelligibly thing appealing astir reimagining FromSoftware's games arsenic old-school classics, and it's fascinating that these demakes gully from 2 precise antithetic inspirations. Bloodborne PSX is similar aboriginal PS1 hack-n-slashers similar Nightmare Creatures, portion Elden Ring demake is akin to The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.

We've yet to spot conscionable however overmuch of Elden Ring Shin's demake volition cover. As mentioned, the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S rubric is dauntingly huge, but we're surely keen to spot arsenic overmuch of the fascinating Lands Between translated to a Game Boy escapade arsenic the developer deems possible.

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