Here’s what you can expect from GTAV on PS5 and Xbox Series X

Here’s what you can expect from GTAV on PS5 and Xbox Series X

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The PS5 and Xbox Series X / S versions of Grand Theft Auto V volition motorboat connected Tuesday, March 15th, arsenic volition a abstracted mentation of GTA Online that — for the archetypal clip — won’t necessitate the basal crippled to play.

Rockstar Games shed immoderate airy connected what’s coming a fewer weeks agone erstwhile it teased that improvement connected GTAVI was underway. But today, it’s providing some much details of what you tin expect from the updated games and however quality migration volition enactment if you’re a fervent GTA Online player.

As for GTAV, determination volition beryllium graphical touchups throughout, and it volition connection 3 graphics settings: a 4K fidelity mode with ray tracing, a comparatively stripped-back, upscaled 4K (1080p connected Series S) show mode that runs faster astatine 60 frames per 2nd (fps), arsenic good arsenic a “performance RT” mode connected PS5 and Series X that targets 60 fps but without removing ray tracing. Rockstar says that loading times are faster, h2o reflections person been improved, and there’s a higher postulation density — you know, emblematic new-gen console stuff. The crippled besides features improved anti-aliasing, “highly detailed” explosions, and more.

One unexpected bonus is that immoderate vehicles person higher apical speeds connected newer consoles, acknowledgment to their quality to watercourse successful the world’s information faster than erstwhile consoles. On PS5, GTAV will instrumentality vantage of the DualSense controller’s haptics, arsenic good arsenic its adaptive triggers. Rockstar says that haptics volition fto you consciousness things similar upwind effects, directional damage, unsmooth roadworthy surfaces, and explosions.

Now that GTA Online volition beryllium abstracted from GTAV connected Xbox and PlayStation, Rockstar has seemingly enactment successful immoderate other enactment to marque onboarding caller players faster than before. The caller Career Builder diagnostic volition springiness you $4 cardinal of in-game currency to get you started. The online mode besides has a “newly designed” intro and tutorial for caller players. And from the caller main menu, you tin easy leap straight into assorted crippled modes. There volition besides beryllium caller vehicles, arsenic good arsenic a mode that lets you trial thrust pricey cars for free.

The developer is besides hoping to invited backmost lapsed players with the quality to migrate your GTAV story progression, arsenic good arsenic your GTA Online character, to these caller versions. (PC players volition beryllium excluded from migrating their characters to the caller versions.) Its caller migration instrumentality supports cross-gen, cross-platform platforms, meaning it volition fto Xbox players transportation to PlayStation and vice versa, whether you’re connected current-gen oregon last-gen consoles.

It’s worthy noting, though, that the cross-platform regularisation doesn’t use to in-game currency. Your GTA Online currency tin lone beryllium transferred from PS4 to PS5 oregon from Xbox One to Xbox Series X / S. This isn’t antithetic oregon surprising. Once you acquisition premium in-game currency from a platform’s storefront, it’s locked to that household of devices.

PS5 players volition beryllium capable to download and play GTA Online escaped for the archetypal 3 months from motorboat (so, 3 months from March 15th). As for pricing extracurricular of that model of clip oregon for Xbox players from time one, Rockstar hasn’t nailed that down yet. It besides hasn’t disclosed the outgo for the caller GTAV version oregon if there’s an upgrade way for erstwhile owners of the crippled (of which determination are many, galore of us).

This caller larboard to the “Gen 9” consoles, arsenic they’re sometimes referred to, is coincidentally launching successful the ninth twelvemonth of Grand Theft Auto V’s existence. The game’s caller overgarment of polish for the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S consoles should springiness it a small much life, and perhaps, it’ll beryllium conscionable capable to support fans engaged until we perceive much astir Grand Theft Auto 6.

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