Homesteads v20000504 (Mod Apk) Feel the state and go the proprietor of the homestead successful the Wild West. Build houses, factories and metropolis buildings, turn crops, and decorate village! Help residents to amended town, turn animals, nutrient goods for commercialized successful the marketplace and present unsocial materials that volition assistance successful the improvement of the town.

In the crippled you can:
MASTER chaotic greenish expanses, assistance the wanderers who conscionable you connected escaped mode of West.
ENJOY chaotic workplace life! Grow location animals, graze cattle, harvest crops, nutrient goods, merchantability connected the marketplace and speech for missing materials. They volition assistance to joyousness the metropolis that speedy successful development.
MAKE friends with Indians, found an speech of goods with them, nonstop stagecoaches and steamboats for missing materials to amended homestead.
DREAM of golden successful westbound town. This country is similar a klondike of minerals truthful consciousness escaped to excavation golden and ore successful mines and quarries. Johnny beryllium bully cowboy – bring caller shovel here.
EXTRA caller markets. Ship tin beryllium utilized escaped of complaint to commercialized with continents farms. Use the bid to bargain the missing goods for your workplace astatine a chill price. Have joyousness successful trading!
TAKE hazard for your location to escaped it from a atrocious cowboy aggression. Help the sheriff and marshal to support bid successful your town. Take escapade and drawback particularly unsafe criminals to get rewards.
Choose from galore metropolis decorations, crook the township into a imagination location successful the Wild West!
Play Homesteads – unrecorded the adventure!

1. Free Skips springiness cash
2. Market refreshcost springiness Cash

  •  To get a batch of money, get a level up, past wholly adjacent the crippled and restart it.


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