Honor Magic4 Pro review: This is the (Hua)way

Honor Magic4 Pro review: This is the (Hua)way

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Honor Magic4 Pro seen from the back, successful  its cyan color.

Honor Magic4 Pro

MSRP $1,230.00

“The Honor Magic4 Pro is simply a beautifully made, precocious prime smartphone with large software, accelerated charging, and a camera with a batch of promise.”


  • Versatile camera
  • MagicUI is accelerated and attractive
  • Very accelerated artillery charging
  • Ergonomic design
  • Loud, wide speakers


  • Screen can't lucifer the competition
  • No bundle update commitment
  • Average artillery life

The Honor Magic4 Pro is simply a invited instrumentality to the planetary flagship telephone abstraction from the newly-single brand, but adjacent aft its recent divorcement from Huawei, the Magic4 Pro inactive manages to consciousness each spot similar the Google-equipped, camera-focused smartphone we’ve been denied from Huawei implicit the past fewer years. I’ve utilized the Magic4 Pro for a week now, and successful that time, it has felt a batch similar the spiritual successor to the fabulous Huawei P30 Pro.

It makes the Magic4 Pro somewhat nostalgic to usage but successful the implicit champion mode possible.


The Magic4 Pro is good made, feels incredibly substantial, has a distinctive look, and comes successful respective beauteous colors. To the newcomer, it volition beryllium reassuring, but to those who’ve handled Huawei phones successful the past, it volition besides consciousness familiar. It’s decidedly reminiscent of a top-spec Huawei phone, and grounds of however acold Honor has travel since the mid-to-high level devices it was known for releasing before.

The Honor Magic4 Pro's surface  showing wallpaper, held successful  a man's hand.Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

For immoderate context, successful lawsuit you’re not precise acquainted with either brand, Honor was erstwhile portion of Huawei until it was sold successful the aftermath of restrictions that person changed Huawei arsenic a company. It was a determination made to guarantee Honor’s survival. It present operates arsenic an autarkic brand, seemingly with nary ties to Huawei. This means Honor continues to enactment with Google and different U.S. companies, dissimilar Huawei.

Let’s speech astir the bold design. You whitethorn person noticed the Honor Magic4 Pro’s camera module. It’s the defining plan facet of the phone, and portion I don’t deliberation it’s ugly, it’s decidedly not thing that tin beryllium missed. Thankfully it’s acceptable centrally and the cameras are placed symmetrically, softening its impact. The module’s size makes the Magic4 Pro a small top-heavy, and there’s nary getting distant from the phone’s 215-gram value and 9.1mm thickness. It truly is simply a chunky thing, and you won’t hide it’s successful your pocket.

Aside from the somewhat top-heavy quality erstwhile holding it, the telephone is precise comfy to clasp astir of the clip and reminds maine of the superb ergonomics of phones similar the Huawei P30 Pro. The surface is curved connected each sides (a instrumentality that made the Huawei P40 Pro truthful comfy to hold), and the corners of the metallic chassis curl astir neatly to nestle successful your palm, truthful it feels modern and precocious quality. The width of the instrumentality is conscionable close for one-handed use, but this is curtailed by the wide value of the phone.

My reappraisal exemplary is successful a precise beauteous cyan color, which has a beauteous ceramic-like sheen and a deep, glossy radiance to it, which shifts betwixt shades of bluish and silver. Despite the smoothness, there’s inactive plentifulness of grip, but I appreciated the inclusion of a transparent TPU lawsuit successful the container due to the fact that the telephone gets covered successful smudges and fingerprints precise quickly.


Equipped with a 50-megapixel main camera, a 50MP 122-degree field-of-view wide-angle camera, and a 64MP periscope zoom for a 3.5x optical zoom, the Magic4 Pro’s camera has a large on-paper specification. It besides comes with a laser time-of-flight sensor, an anti-flicker sensor, optical representation stabilization (OIS), 4K video signaling astatine 60 fps, and Honor’s AI bundle capabilities too. The awkwardly ample pill-shaped cutout successful the surface contains a 12MP camera and a 3D extent camera.

The Honor Magic4 Pro's camera module.Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

I’m lone a week into utilizing the Magic4 Pro’s camera and it has impressed truthful far, but it’s wide the bundle does inactive request a tweak. The main camera is looking precise bully indeed, with sharp, detailed, and precise colorful results. It has conscionable the close magnitude of AI and HDR alterations to exposure shadiness and equilibrium colors, giving photos a beauteous earthy look, but with that all-important popular to marque them shareable. The wide-angle camera is reasonably accordant with these results too, which is large news.

The Magic4 Pro doesn’t ever present large photos though, and erstwhile it gets them wrong, it’s seemingly for nary reason. It’s wherefore I privation to usage the camera much and recognize if this happens connected a regular basis. The selfie camera is besides inconsistent and reacts poorly successful hard lighting, and Portrait mode is the same. Night mode is blighted by immoderate assertive smoothing but does amusement potential.

It’s unfortunate the periscope zoom doesn’t widen to 10x optical zoom, but the integer 10x zoom tin instrumentality immoderate bully photos, and determination are assorted video modes to experimentation with, including a Movie mode. This switches to a cinematic 21:9 facet ratio and comes with a wide enactment of peculiar “LUT” filters to assistance you marque immoderate truly eye-catching video. The stabilization is excellent, and you tin sprout successful 4K successful this mode too.

There are plentifulness of inactive and video modes to play astir with successful the Magic4 Pro’s camera, positive the effectual optical and integer zoom features marque it amusive and versatile. It does look the bundle would payment from a fewer tweaks though, and it’s worthy pointing retired I americium utilizing the telephone up of release.

Software, screen, and performance

This is simply a top-spec telephone with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, 8GB RAM, 256GB retention space, Wi-Fi 6, and 5G connectivity. Google’s Android 12 with Google Mobile Services is installed, truthful it has Google Play and each the different expected apps, and Honor has applied its ain Magic UI 6.0 bundle to springiness it a unsocial look. You look astatine a 6.81-inch OLED surface with a 2848 x 1312 pixel resolution, and it’s susceptible of showing up to 1.07 cardinal colors.

Watching video connected  the Honor Magic4 Pro.Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

The bundle is excellent, and aft being endlessly subjected to barely-any-different versions of Oppo’s Color OS connected OnePlus, Realme, and Oppo phones recently, on with the buggy disappointment of Xiaomi’s MIUI 13, Honor’s Magic UI is simply a enactment of caller air. It’s attractively designed, highly creaseless and fast, not overly intrusive, customizable if you want, and truthful acold wholly reliable. All I truly privation from telephone bundle is for it to tally each my apps, to person Google Discover to the near of my Home screen, a cohesive and logical design, and capable customization that it feels similar my ain phone. MagicUI 6 delivers each this, and plentifulness more.

There are a batch of pre-installed apps though, but it’s the keyboard that has been the biggest disappointment. It comes with Microsoft’s SwiftKey arsenic the default option, which I find obnoxious and annoying, truthful I power to Google’s Gboard instead. However, it’s acceptable close astatine the bottommost of the screen, making it rather hard to benignant oregon swipe-type accurately on. I inactive haven’t afloat adjusted to it adjacent aft a week.

The surface itself isn’t rather arsenic agleam oregon arsenic vibrant arsenic immoderate others. Video looks good, but it ne'er elevates itself to the aforesaid level arsenic the OnePlus 10 Pro oregon the iPhone 13 Pro, with the opposition often appearing somewhat “off,” compared to them. I besides noticed erstwhile utilizing the Dynamic mounting for the surface refresh complaint it wouldn’t power to 120Hz erstwhile utilizing apps similar Twitter, oregon scrolling done comments connected YouTube. Manually unit the 120Hz mode and it becomes noticeably smoother, which I fishy is caused by assertive powerfulness management. It’s imaginable a bundle update whitethorn amended these aspects, but for now, the surface can’t rather lucifer the competition.

The Honor Magic4 Pro is precise pleasant to usage each day.

There’s thing incorrect with the phone’s wide show though. It’s super-fast, and astir of the clip incredibly creaseless arsenic well. I’ve had nary problems with telephone prime oregon web transportation either. From the bundle and wide telephone and app usage to the awesome crippled show — Asphalt 9: Legends flies — the Honor Magic4 Pro is precise pleasant to usage each day.

Special notation should beryllium made for the speakers. Set connected the level ends of the phone, they task dependable superbly, giving a wide soundstage for a smartphone. While the bass isn’t beardown determination is plentifulness of measurement and minimal distortion, positive there’s AptX codec enactment for wireless headphones too.

Battery and charging

The 4,500mAh artillery wrong the Honor Magic4 Pro has a smaller capableness than galore of its rivals and depending connected your regular use, it’s not going to impressment much. With wide societal networking, immoderate calls, and immoderate camera enactment the Magic 4 Pro has lasted astir 2 moving days, but lone just. Add successful video, games, and up to 4 hours of surface clip per time and you’ll request to complaint it each night.

The charging larboard  connected  the bottommost  of the Honor Magic4 Pro.Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

It recharges utilizing a proprietary fast-charging strategy called SuperCharge, and the included charger is rated astatine 100W. In 15 minutes it reached 70% and went connected to a afloat complaint successful a full of conscionable 25 minutes. Temperature is good controlled, and the telephone did not get blistery astatine each during accelerated charging. It’s a large selling point.

Price and availability

In the U.K. the Magic4 Pro costs 950 British pounds, oregon astir $1,170. It volition beryllium released connected May 27 with pre-orders from May 13, and beryllium sold done Honor’s online store, the Three network, Amazon, and Argos and Carphone Warehouse retail stores. In Europe, the Magic4 Pro costs 1,099 euros. It volition apt not beryllium officially released successful the U.S. but could beryllium imported.

Our take

I’ve missed seeing a caller Huawei smartphone with Google Mobile Services installed, but erstwhile I usage the Honor Magic4 Pro, that feeling goes away. From the outstanding ergonomics to its promising camera and super-fast software, the Magic4 Pro is precise overmuch however I ideate a 2022 Google-equipped Huawei telephone operating. This isn’t a sound against it, it’s really a precise large compliment.

Ignore the Huawei-like affirmative aspects and determination are immoderate negatives, with the uninspiring artillery beingness and somewhat disappointing surface show lessening its entreaty against the competition. This is simply a peculiar occupation erstwhile you see the precocious price. But neither has taken distant from however overmuch I’ve enjoyed utilizing the Magic4 Pro. It has slipped into my beingness without incident, proving to beryllium reliable and casual to use, positive the camera is shaping up to beryllium a winner.

Is determination a amended alternative?

Compared with phones that outgo betwixt $1,000 and $1,300, the Honor Magic4 Pro has immoderate superior competition. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and the Apple iPhone 13 Pro are some fantabulous all-rounders, and good worthy your money. It’s comparable successful terms to the OnePlus 10 Pro, and portion the cameras connected some are excellent, I similar Honor’s software. For little money, you tin bargain the Google Pixel 6 Pro, which has an fantabulous camera and reliable, charismatic software.

How agelong volition it last?

The Honor Magic4 Pro has an IP68 h2o absorption standing and comes with a basal lawsuit successful the container truthful it should beryllium to beryllium durable. However, the assemblage is made from solid and rather heavy, truthful a autumn without a lawsuit volition astir apt effect successful it breaking. Honor is unluckily staying quiescent astir the bundle update situation. We person checked with the company, but person received nary steadfast reply astatine the clip of writing. The specification of the telephone means it should person the required show to stay susceptible for astatine slightest 2 years.

Should you bargain it?

Yes. The Honor Magic4 Pro delivers beardown show successful astir each areas but would payment from a post-launch bundle update to lick immoderate of the tiny issues.

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