Hosting firm snags major court victory in content piracy case

Hosting firm snags major court victory in content piracy case

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Copyright infringement
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A national tribunal successful Florida has recovered web hosting institution Quadranet not liable for piracy activities that VPN users transportation retired connected its platform. 

After a tribunal dismissed an earlier ailment with prejudice past year, a radical of movie producers filed a question against Quadranet and LiquidVPN implicit alleged copyright infringement. 

As Torrentfreak reported, Quadranet has present won its lawsuit and volition not beryllium required to marque immoderate changes to its work to defender against piracy. LiquidVPN, however, was recovered to person "intentionally induced and encouraged nonstop [copyright] infringement" and volition person to wage implicit $14 cardinal successful damages.

VPN piracy battle

After suing a fig of US-based net work providers (ISPs) for not doing capable to tackle piracy, some the euphony and movie industries are present shifting their absorption to VPN providers. 

As VPNs marque radical anonymous online, users sometimes usage the work to disguise their individuality erstwhile illegally accessing oregon sharing copyright-protected content. It's besides precise communal to usage a streaming VPN to bypass geo-restriction that platforms similar Netflix use to their catalogues. 

The movie manufacture is warring against the services that explicitly beforehand the quality to entree geo-restricted content, successful breach of streaming providers' breach presumption of use. Surfshark, VPN Unlimited, Zenmate, and ExpressVPN are conscionable immoderate of the large names caught up successful this copyright battle. 

As with the caller LiquidVPN case, movie producers are winning successful tribunal successful immoderate instances, portion successful different cases VPN providers person agreed to retired of tribunal settlements.

It remains to beryllium seen whether this latest circular of tribunal enactment volition specify a caller epoch for VPN providers wherever obligations surrounding piracy matters are concerned.

Via TorrentFreak

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